Autonomy announced by PYD in two Syria Kurdish regions

21.1.2014 – Democratic autonomy was announced in Syria Kurdish regions of Cezire and Kobani, official told Kurdpress.

Speaking with Kurdpress in an exclusive interview, a member of Kobai local parliament, Anwar Musilim, said they plan to announce autonomy in three Kurdish regions of the country, adding that the autonomy was announced in Cezire and Kobani. He added they will announce autonomy in Efrin, another Kurdish region in the crisis- stricken Syria. An Arab region has divided the three Kurdish regions and they are geographically divided. The autonomy has been announced by the pro Kurdish Democratic union Party (PYD), while pro- Kurdish Patriotic Council, affiliated with Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani, joined the Syria opposition coalition and refrained to join the autonomy project.