AUSTRALIA : The Second Seminar Series / Kurdistan: The past, present and future

The Second Seminar Series / Kurdistan: The past, present and future / University of Technology Sydney 21st Dec 2013

Program and speakers – 9:30-10:15am   Registration, coffee 10:15-10:30am Welcome speech




12:45-1:30   Lunch



3:00-3:10pm  Concluding remarks 3:10-4:00pm  Networking, coffee

Ancient Kurdistan

Mrs Alison Buckley – Teacher; researcher and writer about Kurdish history –

Re-emergence of a Traditional Regional Power: The Independent Kurdistan Crescent is on the Horizon!

Mr Hiwa Zandi – Lawyer, Kurdish politics analyst and history researcher and translator; Author of books about Kurdish history –

A Greater Kurdistan or Kurdish States: Opportunities and Impediments

Associate Professor Hussein Tahiri

Expert in Middle East politics, Kurdish society and nationalism; Author of books about Kurdistan

Kurdish Conundrums: Women and Nationalist Representations

Dr Sandra Phelps – Researcher; Author of forthcoming book about Kurdish woman and nationalism –

The Driving Force of Knowledge Society and its Impact on Kurdistan

Professor Alan Dilani – Founder and General Director of the International Academy for Design and Health (IADH); Founder of the World Kurdish Congress