Archive of Islamic State Administrative Documents

by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi  •  Jan 27, 2015

My recent series on IS administration in Ninawa province focused on education, public services and religious life using numerous specimen IS administrative documents from that province. This post aims to provide an archive of similar translated IS documents in other provinces, and will be continually updated.

Specimen A: Childbirth Operations in Deir az-Zor Province

Islamic State
State of the Caliphate
Wilayat al-Kheir
Medical Administration

In view of what the land is going through from difficult circumstances including the debilitation of souls from the exploitation of their Muslim brothers, in order to assist the believers from the sons of Islam who are working in the medical corps to support their brothers from the poor and others besides them from the Muslim populace, and with the desire to keep the course of medical work removed from arbitrary whim, the Diwan al-Siha [health administration/department], after consideration and examination of medical work in the field concerning women [gynaecology etc.] has decided on the following:

1. Fixing of the price of Caesarean childbirth operations to 15000 Syrian pounds.
2. Fixing of the price of normal childbirth operations to 10500 Syrian pounds.
3. This includes keeping the child in the hospital for 12 hours after birth only.

Note: This is to be considered as tantamount to a written order and all who contravene it will be held accountable in the Dar al-Qaḍa [IS judiciary] with attendant consquence.

2 Muharram 1436 AH
26 October 2014

General Medical Official

Specimen B: Landline Telephone Subscriptions in Deir az-Zor Province

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Kheir

Islamic Administration for Public Services

Phone connection: Number 035
Date: 14/11 [14 November 2014].

The sum receipt has been completed: 400 Syrian pounds [per month]*
And that is to meet support for connections’ services.
Name of subscriber: …
Subscriber’s number: …
Register’s number

[Signatures]: Office official; Service official

NB: For comparison, landline subscriptions according to Northern Storm’s spokesman [Azaz area] cost $2 a month (around 365 Syrian pounds). The landline subscription generally only works for local landline connections.

Specimen C: Fishing Regulations (Agricultural Department): Deir az-Zor Province


As a result of the lack of oversight over the abundance of fish, paucity of awareness, and the greed and ambition of some of the fishermen and their audacity in carrying out fishing in ways that are illegal and harmful to the life of the people, the fish and the river environment.

The Islamic State has decided on the following:

1. The use of electric current in hunting fish is forbidden because it leads to extermination of many river/water creatures as well as congenital disfigurement for small fish and other river creatures.

2. No fishing with use of explosive materials, dynamite and the like.

3. No fishing with use of toxins and other chemical substances because that leads to the death of all the creatures of fish and others besides them, as well as poisoning people who obtain food from them.

4. No fishing at a time of proliferation of the fish and river/water creatures because that leads to the prevention of the proliferation of the fish and the killing of their eggs, which constitutes a threat to the abundance of fish.

We ask all who come upon this decision to be bound by it for it is in the interest of the Islamic State and the Muslims in the totality.

Specimen D: Regulations for Pharmacies in Deir az-Zor Province (only preserved in indirect testimony)

Da3esh [IS] insists that all pharmacies operating in Deir az-Zor province must provide the medical administration in the province (Wilayat al-Kheir) with a number of statements including the provision of a degree for the pharmacist; further, it is required that anyone who works in the pharmacy must have a degree of a medical/health institute (pharmacy division) and he is responsible for any mistake that happens in the pharmacy with no provision of anaesthetics, menstrual drugs or prohibited medications except by doctor’s prescription.

Further, it has been imposed on pharmacy owners that their profits cannot exceed 20%. They must also bring a document from the Diwan al-Zakat to indicate that payment has been fulfilled. Whoever does not possess those statements will have his pharmacy shut for a period of a month from the date of the decision. Whosoever contravenes will be held accountable in the Dar al-Qaḍa al-Shari’i with attendant consequence.

[5 November 2014]

Specimen E: Prayer Times in Deir az-Zor City (Diwan al-Awqaf wa al-Da’wa wa al-Masajid)

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Kheir
City area

(Diwan al-Awqaf wa al-Da’wa wa al-Masajid)

We remind the Muslims under the shadow of the Islamic State that the time standard authorized for the call to prayer, prayer and the rest of the proceedings is the old time standard (‘summer’) so please observe this directive by order of the general committee for the Islamic State.

[statement emerged in late November 2014].

Specimen F: Announcement of Acceptance of Students for School (Diwan al-Ta’aleem: Raqqa Province)- late January 2015


“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

The Almighty has said: “Say: Are those who know and those who don’t know equal?” [Qur’an 39:9].

The Diwan al-Ta’aleem in Wilayat al-Raqqa announces the acceptance of the sons of the Muslims in the schools of the city within the school activity in the wilaya [province].

Our children are the buds/blossoms of Islam.”

Specimen G: Educational Plans of Diwan al-Ta’aleem in Raqqa Province (indirect testimony: via local pro-IS Raqqa News Network [RNN])

For general distribution and benefit:

Details of the educational plan in Raqqa:

9 years of study: in two divisions. 5 primary, 4 secondary. After the 9 years, selection for colleges or institutes. As for teachers who have not previously had an education qualification (graduate with no prior teaching experience), there is subjection for 10 months to the Institute for the Preparing of Teachers. And after that there is direct entry to teaching. As for those who have previously had a teaching qualification, they must undergo a Shari’a session lasting 2 months, and they sign a document calling for repentance. As for those who have been previously studying in the universities but have not yet graduated and would like to teach, they are subjected to a Shari’a session lasting 15 days and they must pass a test with a score over 70% that the person may be allowed to enter the Institute for the Preparing of Teachers for a period of 10 months, after which the person may teach.

NB: According to RNN, IS’ Diwan al-Ta’aleem in Raqqa is in what used to be the education college

Specimen H: Announcement of Beginning of School Term with List of Schools (Raqqa Province)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Diwan al-Ta’aleem

The Diwan al-Ta’aleem in Wilayat al-Raqqa announces the acceptance of the sons of the Muslims in the following schools:

Girls’ Schools Boys’ Schools
Aisha Mother of the Believers Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi
Fatima the Daughter of Muhammad Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqas
Umm Amara Ahmad
Hind bint Utba Al-Farouq
Al-Qadisiya Uqba ibn Nafi
Thabit ibn Qais Abdullah ibn Mas’ud
Juwariyya bint al-Harith Khalid ibn al-Waleed
Arwah bint Abd al-Mutallab Ubada ibn as-Samit
Dhat al-Nataqain [Asma bint Abi Bakr: sister of Aisha] Osama ibn Munqidh (Sword of the State)
Julaybib Hatin
Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Umm Habiba
Umm Salamah Abu Bakr al-Sadiq (al-Wazi)

Within the plan of the realization of the schools derived from the Diwan al-Ta’aleem according to the decided stages. Term in schools begins on Saturday 26/3/1436 AH (17 January 2015).

NB: It will be noted that the schools practice gender segregation according to IS regulations, and most of the schools are named after figures from the time of the Prophet and the immediate era after him, most notably in the girls’ section a number of Muhammad’s wives. Note also the naming of a school after Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi: hardly a surprise.

Specimen I: Qur’an Memorization Competition (Raqqa Province)- September 2014

Islamic State
Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Awqaf wa al-Masajid
Committee for Affairs of the Teaching of the Noble Qur’an


The Committee for Affairs of the Teaching of the Noble Qur’an announces a competition for memorization of the Noble Qur’an.

Details of the Competition:

Level One: Memorization of 5 parts with correct rules of recitation and memorization.
Level Two: Memorization of 3 parts with correct rules of recitation and memorization.

Session begins on 26 Dhu al-Qa’ada 1435 AH on a daily basis except Friday. Session lasts for a whole month.

Conditions of application for the competition:

1. The applicant’s age for the competition should be between 18 and 40 years old.
2. Must attend and cannot be absent except for a legitimate excuse [according to Shari’a]
3. Applicant must have memorized at least 3 parts.

Notice: All those who pass the test in this competition will be appointed as teachers for the Noble Qur’an if they so wish and there will be granted an accredited qualification from IS. Monetary and real prizes will be distributed according to the levels, with precious prizes for those who excel.

Place and time: al-Nawwi mosque after afternoon prayer

To register head to the office for the affairs of teaching the Noble Qur’an in the HQ of the Diwan al-Awqaf. Registration begins Monday 20 Dhu al-Qa’ada 1435 AH.

Specimen J: Employment Opportunities with the Diwan al-Zakat in Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Diwan al-Zakat
Centre of Wilayat al-Raqqa


The Diwan al-Zakat- cenre of Wilayat al-Raqqa- announces the holding of a hiring campaign for those with the following qualifications in ‘Ilm [knowledge]:

1. Qualification in Shari’a sciences
2. Qualification in economics- specialty (accountancy, management, computer and information system)
3. Secondary business institute
4. Secondary education in business
5. General secondary education in its two divisions of sciences and humanities
6. Preparatory education

And that is to appoint them as employees according to their specialties in the Zakat Centre in Wilayat al-Raqqa and the division offices affiliated with it. Those who wish to apply for the campaign should go and register with the Zakat Centre- City Office- within the ten days from this date.

Wednesday 11 Sufr 1436 AH
3 December 2014
Official of the Diwan al-Zakat: Wilayat al-Raqqa

Specimen K: Employment Opportunities with Diwan al-Hisbah, Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Raqqa
Hisbah Centre
Oversight and Inspections Office

The Hisbah Centre- Oversight and Inspections Office- announces its need to appoint civilian employees according to the following specialties:

1. Veterinary doctor
2. Assistant veterinary doctor
3. Office administration
4. Accountant
5. Guard
6. Health inspector
7. Butcher for cutting the throat (dhibah)
8. Butcher
9. Cleaning work

Those who wish to be appointed as employees should go and register with the Oversight and Inspections Office…Registration begins on Tuesday, 4 November 2014, and ends on Tuesday, 11 November 2014.

Oversight and Inspections Office

Specimen L: Shari’a Session for Teachers, Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Diwan al-Ta’aleem: Wilayat al-Raqqa


The Diwan al-Ta’aleem in Wilayat al-Raqqa announces a Shari’a session for all directors and teachers of the schools, male and female. That will take place on Saturday, 5 Dhu al-Qa’ada 1435 AH corresponding to 30 August 2014. Duration of the session: one week. Place of the session: for males, auditorium of the College of Education and Literature, at 4 p.m. For females: in the A’isha Mother of the Believers- may God be pleased with her- Institute (previously the Cultural Centre) at 9 a.m.

Note: No male or female teacher inside or outside the proprietors will be allowed to teach in the schools of the province except after being subjected to the session. Otherwise, there will be inquiry according to Shari’a.

Specimen M: On Movement of Women and the Garages: Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Diwan al-Hisbah
Wilayat al-Raqqa

Statement for distribution on the matter of Travelling Women and the Garages [area of Raqqa]


Indeed it is from the door of cooperation on the basis of piety and awareness of God and by which God has ordered us to safeguard the safety of the religion of the women and cultivate their religious and worldy interests, and it is for the abundance of inquiries about some of the reprehensible acts and manner of dealing with them especially on the issue of women travelling without a mahrim [close male relativ], and after the holding of a meeting by the supervisor of Hisbah in the centre for the city with the amir of Hisbah in Wilayat al-Raqqa and with the Shari’a supervisor and by the agreement of the amir of the city, especially on some of the reprehensible acts on the issue of women travelling without a mahrim, we publicize the following:

– Women may not leave the province without a mahrim unless they have a transit document from Hisbah and an ID photo with seal of approval from the Hisbah office in Karajat.

– It is absolutely forbidden for women to travel to the land of kufr [disbelief]- except for serious medical conditions and by decision of the general hospital with seal of approval from the amir of the hospital.

– Women aged 50 and above are allowed to travel to the lands of the Islamic State without a mahrim.

– Women younger than 50 are allowed to travel to the lands of the Islamic State with a mahrim.

– Elderly women are not pressured on the issue of the hijab.

– If the travelling woman has her son with her, of competent, distinguished mind, he can be considered a mahrim for her.

– Every Muslim who does not have ID proof must go to the centres of the Islamic police to be given the document of ID proof.

– To all checkpoints and offices of the garages, the populace of the Muslims are not to be allowed to pass except after bringing forth the document of personal ID proof from the centres of the Islamic police for those who don’t have family IDs/cards or something to prove their identities.

– Buses- coaches- must not allow passengers to get on or off outside the garage for whatever reason.

Anyone who contravenes these instructions from coaches, offices and passengers will subject himself to the necessary consequence and inquiry.

Hisbah supervisor in Raqqa city.
Abu Talha the Kuwaiti.

Islamic State
Hisbah Admin
Raqqa Centre.

Specimen N: Obligation of Fasting in Ramadan: Raqqa Province (Indirect testimony: June 2014)

The Diwan al-Hisbah affiliated with the organization of the Islamic State has distributed a statement under the title- ‘Consequence of Abandoning the Prayer’ [sic: confusion: ‘fasting’ is meant]- in which it cited verses from the Noble Qur’an making clear the obligation of fasting in this month. It also cited prophetic hadiths the threat of God for abandoning the fast in Ramadan, as well as citing the words of the Ahl al-‘Ilm in classifying abandoning the fast as one of the great sins. The statement also asked whoever cannot fast in this month for legitimate reason according to Shari’a to inform the Diwan al-Hisbah and prove it before the people, and whoever does not fulfill the conditions is to face the punishments of the law on the subject of lack of fasting during this month.

Specimen O: IS Birth Certificate (Aleppo Province): January 2015

Islamic State
Diwan al-Siha [Health Department]
Wilayat Halab

Birth Certificate

Name of child:
Father’s name:
Mother’s name:
Place and date of birth:
Date of granting [of birth certificate]:

Medical official in Wilayat Halab

Wilayat Halab
Medical official in al-Bab and its countryside

Specimen P: Affirmation of faith (al-Bab: Aleppo Province): May 2014

Diwan Khidamat al-Muslimeen in al-Bab, Aleppo province.

Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham [preceding Caliphate announcement]
Wilayat Halab: al-Bab Area
Diwan Khidamat al-Muslimeen *Diwan al-Awqaf


God- Almighty and Exalted is He- has said: “An example of merit has been for you in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people: ‘We disavow you and what you worship besides God, we have declare you to be disbelievers and thus have enmity and hatred begun between us and you forever until you believe in God alone.”

And the one upon whom be prayers and peace has said: “Whoever has said there is no deity but God and has declared to be disbelief what is worshipped besides God has entrusted his property, blood and reckoning to God”- narrated by [Sahih] Muslim.


I affirm and so with all power of my mind and definitive belief without any pressure or compulsion:

1. I disavow to God every religion that contravenes the religion of Islam
2. I disavow to God every guidance that contravenes the guidance of the Prophet- may prayers and peace be upon him.
3. I declare to be disbelief every idolatrous tyrant that worships beside God and at the head of these idolatrous tyrants Bashar ‘al-Assad’ and those like him from the idolatrous tyrants of the Arabs and non-Arabs as well as their soldiers and those who are loyal to them.
4. I disavow to God the Sufis and their beliefs as well as their imams, at the head of whom are Ibn Araby, al-Sha’arani and al-Nabahani.
5. I affirm that I embrace what has been ascribed to the Prophet (PBUH) with the understanding of the Companions- may God be pleased with them.
6. I affirm that the uprightness of this religion in ‘a Book [Qur’an] guides and a sword gives victory.’
7. I affirm embrace of the clear guidance of the Prophet from the obligation of the beard and not letting the clothes drop [below the ankles].
8. I affirm that I bear the result of any contravention of the above from the consequences according to Shari’a.

And God is witness to what I say.

I the affirmer:
First witness:
Second witness:
Official for the Diwan al-Awqaf

Specimen Q: Day of Ashura and Month of Muharram Pamphlet: Aleppo Province

Islamic State
Diwan al-Awqaf wa al-Masajid
Wilayat Halab Division

The Day of Ashura:
The day on which God rescued Musa- peace be upon him- from Pharaoh and his soldiers, so Musa fasted in thanks to God Almighty. And so the Messenger of God (PBUH) also fasted in thanks to God Almighty.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “As for fasting on the day of Ashura, I hope that God will accept it as an expiation for sins committed in the preceding year.”- narrated by [Sahih] Muslim.

Fasting on the ninth day along with the day of Ashura is deemed desirable in opposition to the Jews [who only fast on Ashura- 10 Muharram- because that is Yom Kippur]: On the authority of Ibn Abbas- may God be pleased with them both: the Messenger of God said: “Indeed should I remain capable, I should fast on the ninth” […]

Extending the fast in the month of Muharram is deemed desirable: On the authority of Abu Huraira- may God be pleased with him: The Messenger of God said: “The most preferable fast after Ramadan is the month of God: Muharram. And the most preferable prayer after the obligatory ones is the night prayer.” Narrated by [Sahih] Muslim.

Specimen R: Call for Submission of Complaints: Aleppo Province (December 2014)

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

General/Public Call for the Citizens of the Islamic State

On the matter of raising misdeeds with the Diwan al-Qaḍa wa al-Maẓalim for all who have been exposed to wrong-doing or infringment on himself or his property whether by the soldiers of the Islamic State or its amirs.

Thanks be to God who says: “We have sent our Messengers with clear affirmations and We have sent down with them the book and the balance so that the people may establish fairness.”

And prayers and peace be upon the one who says: “Support your brother: oppressor or oppressed. It was said: ‘Oh Messenger of God, I have supported him when he is oppressed, but how can I support him as oppressor?’ He said: ‘You stop him from oppression, so that is your support for him.'” Bukhari put it out in al-Maẓalim 198/5 and Muslim in Piety and Connection no. 2584.

As for what follows: Undertaking the obligation to support the oppressed and restore rights to its people, and in our effort to track and catch infringments on the part of the amirs and soldiers of the Islamic State, as well as the necessity of the accountability of its people, and victory for the oppressed of the Muslims: so if anyone catches one of our soldiers or amirs engaging in wrong-doing, infringement or offense at hand, we renew our call to all the citizens of the Islamic State- whether from the Muslims and the Ahl al-Dhimma [dhimmis: Jews/Christians]- to head to the Islamic courts affiliated with the Diwan al-Qaḍa wa al-Maẓalim, and ask them to raise the issue of those misdeeds to seek the restoration of their rights and demand justice from whosoever has wronged them- whoever he may be. And we bear witness to God and the rest of the Muslims that we will not be content with him or keep silent about him. And we will hold the people in this matter to account and we will work to restore right to its people and support them as we can, when that matter has reached us.

In this context we also advise our brothers from the soldiers and amirs of the Islamic State to be aware of God in private and public, and beware of oppression and aggression against any of the citizens, and we warn them of the consequences of that in this world and the Hereafter. So be aware of the call of the oppressed, for there is no veil between it and God.


Wali [governor] of Wilayat Halab

Specimen S: Ultimatum for the Christians of Mosul

Islamic State
Diwan al-Qaḍa
19 Ramadan 1435 AH
17 July 2014


God Almighty says: “And when a community of them said: ‘Why do you warn a people whom God is going to destroy or punish severely?’ They said: ‘To be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they will beware of Him.”- Qur’an 7:164.

After informing the heads of the Christians and their followers of the appointment for a meeting to affirm their status in the shadow of the state of the Caliphate in Wilayat Ninawa, they avoided it and failed to attend on the intended appointment…and it had been decided that we offer them one of these three choices:

1. Islam
2. Dhimmi pact (and it is taking the jizya from them)- [cf. Qur’an 9:29]
3. If they refuse that, only the sword for them.

But The Commander of the Believers- Caliph Ibrahim- may God make him mighty- has given them the blessing of allowing them to get themselves out of the borders of the state of the Caliphate at the latest by Saturday 21 Ramadan 1435 AH at noon. After this, there is only the sword between us and them.


Diwan al-Qaḍa
Wilayat Ninawa

Specimen T: Islamic State-Issued Exam Timetable for Pharmacology College, Mosul University (2014)


Specimen U: Notification on Supplementary Exams for Mosul University (Various Colleges)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Diwan al-Ta’aleem


After resumption of regular time in the Diwan al-Ta’aleem: Mosul University and the technical, engineering and agricultural institutes and colleges, it has been decided to set the supplementary exams for the first setting beginning from Saturday in Muharram 1436 AH corresponding to 1 November 2014, and as is made clear from the accompanying timetable, it is thus obligatory on all the educational, administrative and technical proprietors to embrace the regular time from 24 Dhu al-Hijja 1435 AH- 18 October 2014- and this statement for distribution is considered binding and the one who contravenes it will be held accountable.

Diwan al-Ta’aleem

NB: See this for explanation of ‘supplementary exams’.

Specimen V: Barring of Entry into Schools Except by Permission: Ninawa Province (December 2014)

Diwan al-Ta’aleem
Wilayat Ninawa

Statement for Distribution

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
Thanks be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God…and what follows:

It has been decided not to allow any person to enter the schools at risk of being held accountable except by written permission from the Diwan al-Ta’aleem. But the Diwan al-Hisbah is exempt from this regulation. The one who violates will be held accountable. And God is the one behind the intent.

Wilayat Ninawa Centre
Amir Diwan al-Ta’aleem
16 Sufr 1436 AH

Specimen W: General Notification: Opening of Factory for Synthetic Body Parts

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
General Supervisory Committee
16 October 2014

To all the Diwans and Wilayats.
Statement for distribution.


We would like to inform you of the opening of a factory to make synthetic body parts in Wilayat Ninawa. So we ask the brothers who need a synthetic body part to go and register with the Diwan al-Siha in order for them to send for the desired part by writing to the factory.

May God reward you best.

Notice: please do not send any ill person to Turkey for the making of a part.

Islamic State
General Supervisory Committee
Abu Muslim

Specimen X: General Notification: Ban on GPS and Apple devices

Islamic State
General [Supervisory] Committee
No. 17
21/2/1436 AH [c. 14 December 2014]


Statement for distribution

To all the wilayats, diwans, committees and central joints in the Islamic State:

In accordance with the demands of the public interest and to protect the souls of the soldiers of the Islamic State and their possessions in the shadow of the fierce Crusader campaign against the state of the Caliphate, and in order to shut one of the doors of penetration the enemy uses to attain its goals and strike with exactness by means of its war and remote-guided aircraft, it has been decided to forbid the use of any electronic device or a system that has access to service to enable precise location of positions (GPS).

Technician brothers have been appointed in every wilaya to block this service and remove it from mobiles and tablet computers completely, so we ask the soldiers of the Islamic State to take the initiative to remove it from their devices with a deadline of one month from the publication of this statement for distribution in the provinces, and after that any electronic device with access to GPS will be confiscated, and the owner will be questioned as to his lack of obeying order and exposing his brothers to veritable danger.

Let it be known that this statement for distribution does not include connection devices that are products of the Apple network, since the use of devices of this network- from phones and tablet computers- will be completely banned on account of the risks they create.

General Supervisory Committee

Specimen Y: Educational Regulations for Deir az-Zor Province (late January 2015)

Wilayat al-Kheir
Diwan al-Ta’aleem

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

Thanks be to God, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace upon the Lord of those who were sent [Muhammad]. As for what follows:

The Almighty has said: “Say: Are those who know and those who don’t know equal?”

For knowledge [‘Ilm] is the only path to know Truth from Falsehood, for knowledge is what encourages the communities and guides them to the centres.

The Islamic State in Wilayat al-Kheir [Deir az-Zor province] has decided to open the schools and introduce new educational programs for them to contribute to the lifting of ignorance from our sons. We will eradicate the illiteracy that has spread among them and the Islamic State has organized the operation to be comprehensive and devoid of gaps, thus:

– Students from first to ninth grade [ergo, up to age 15/16: same as prior school leaving age] must go to the schools according to the regular hours, class period and their organization according to the timetable.

– Uniform is not compulsory for students but it suffices that the clothing meet Islamic modesty standards and be clean.

– No introduction or teaching of any regime book is allowed except in special [private] institutes and schools.

– Students are not to stand to line on the entry of the teacher and no prior slogans are to be repeated [i.e. from the era of the Syrian Arab Republic].

– All days of the week are regular hours for school except Friday and the use of the bell in the school is absolutely forbidden.

– The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes. After every two lessons is a 15-minute break. The number of lessons is 4 per day.

– The regular schedule of the first group [primary school] is [begins at] 8’o’clock and for the second [secondary school] 12’o’clock according to Islamic State time.

– Prayer is to be observed at its time, the call is to be raised for it, a place is to be designated for prayer, and students who wish to pray in the mosque and undertake the remaining duties can do so.

– Noon prayer is established after the end of the first lesson so the regular schedule is thus:

12:00-12:45 p.m.: Lesson
12:45-1:00 p.m.: Noon prayer
1:00-1:45 p.m.: Lesson
1:45-2:00 p.m.: Break
2:00-3:30 p.m.: Two lessons together.

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Kheir
Diwan al-Ta’aleem

Specimen Z: Call for Repentance of Teachers (Ninawa Province: December 2014)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Diwan al-Ta’aleem
28 Sufr 1436 AH
Statement for distribution: No. 09


Indeed the educational system is considered among the most important centres that states establish and cultivate, and through this system is made clear the ideology/creed of the state, its program, its consideration of the situation, as well as the nature of its relations with internal society and its classes, and external society in its varying directions and cultures.

And Satan has not found a greater entrance than the entrance of ignorance and arbitrary whim, and this has been among the most important causes of misdeeds and rebellion.

For knowledge has been a condition of tawheed…and among the qualities of the Prophet (PBUH) that the Qur’an mentioned about him was the quality of teaching this Ummah, as the Almighty said in describing him: “Who may teach them the Book and Wisdom and to purify them” [Qur’an 2:129]. And the One whose affairs are exalted said: “Who may teach you the Book and Wisdom.”

And Islam has warned about the influence of those who take charge of education for themselves because they are the ones responsible for tampering with the inborn-nature of tawheed that God has endowed as related in a hadith of the Prophet [PBUH]: “Every child is born with true faith. It is the parents who make him Jewish, Christian or Magian.”- Bukhari 1358.

After God Almighty enabled the Islamic State and it announced the Caliphate, it has directed attention towards the programs of the ministries of education affiliated with the kafir and apostate governments that have been reckoned to be programs attempting to separate religion from state, so the current educational system has been found to be…a decadent program establishing the call to kufr [disbelief] and establishing the principles of secularism, nationalism and Ba’athism in its various forms- something that calls for disavowal of it and the realization of the call for repentance from those working in it on the legal level.

Thus the Diwan al-Ta’aleem has decided to adopt the following measures:

1. Putting a stop to the current educational committee for now:

a) Ceasing the preparation of the new educational programs bound by the restrictions of our Hanif law.
b) Stopping the work of all prior teachers until the fulfillment of the call for their repentance.

2. None of the old educational programs are to be taught in the areas of the state of the Caliphate, whether public or private schools or lessons.

3. Citizens of the Islamic State are not allowed to attend schools outside its borders and which establish principles of disbelief.

4. Whoever wishes to work in the educational foundations: after his repentance, and definition of his stance before the special Shari’a committee, must record his affirmations in the education centres, so as to undertake developmental and qualifiying Shari’a sessions. After that the educational qualifications of each according to his speciality will be completed.

5. The one who contravenes this statement for distribution will be subject to judicial inquiry with the coming down of deterrent consequences according to Shari’a for him.

Note: The authority of this statement is the result of an investigation prepared by the al-Eftaa and Buhuth Committee [NB: the same that issued rulings justifying the treatment of Yezidis, burning the Jordanian pilot etc.] under the title: “Clarification Message on the Statement of Judgment on the Education System in the Nusayri government.”

And God is predominant over His affair but most people don’t know it.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Ta’aleem
Dhu al-Qarnain

NB: Some sources (e.g. Noman Benotman) have claimed this is a statement specifically for IS’ foothold [supposed ’emirate’] in Derna, Libya, but that notion is inaccurate. The signature of ‘Dhu al-Qarnain’ here is to be linked with a report by Iraq’s Sumaria News (put out around the same time as this statement emerged), which cites a “local source in Ninawa province” on the suspension of regular classes in Ninawa province’s schools by Dhu al-Qarnain- the official in charge of the Diwan al-Ta’aleem- on the grounds educational programs were contravening IS ideals, despite curriculum regulations that had been issued months before. Besides a call for repentance from teachers and subjecting them to training sessions, plans were also reportedly made to print new books and introduce new programs, and only then would regular class times be resumed. Dhu al-Qarnain is said to be of Egyptian nationality with a German passport, having been part of IS’ original predecessor, Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi’s Jamaat al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad.

Dhu al-Qarnain earlier emerged in a report by Sumaria News in October of that year (with a photo of his distinct signature), barring students in areas of Iraq’s provinces under IS control in Ninawa, Salah ad-Din, Kirkuk (i.e. mostly south-west of the province) and Anbar from going to Kirkuk city or the Kurdistan region to complete special baccalaureate exams at the preparatory sixth [i.e. age 17/18] and secondary third [i.e. age 14] levels, issuing the orders from his base in Ninawa province.

Specimen 1A: Call for Recruitment: Euphrates Province (February 2015)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Wilayat al-Furat
Military/Training Camps’ Administration

The Almighty has said: “Go forth, whether light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and souls in the cause of God. That is better for you, if you truly know”- [Qur’an 9:41].

The Messenger of God said: “And when you are called on to fight, go forth”- narrated by Bukhari.

In obedience of the command of God Almighty, and thus the command of the Noble Messenger, the Islamic State calls on the youth of Islam in Wilayat al-Furat to fight and calls on them to join the convoy of their mujahideen brothers in obedience to God and in support of His religion, so oh you who love what is best and desire jihad, get up, hasten and prepare the forearm of earnestness, perhaps you will be a just brick in the building of this blessed structure.

NB: ‘Euphrates Province‘ is one of the new IS provinces that encompasses both sides of the Syria-Iraq border along the Euphrates, including al-Qa’im in Iraq and Albukamal in Syria.

Specimen 1B: Invitation to Repentance: Euphrates Province (January 2015)

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Furat
17 Rabi’ al-Awal 1436 AH

8 January 2015 In the name of God.

Thanks be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, his family, and all his companions. As for what follows:

Working on the basis of the instructions of the Amir al-Mu’mineen [Commander of the Believers: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi] whom God has made agreeable and whose line He has directed, the door of repentance is opened to the factions that have fought the Islamic State, and thus included with them are their families. And so the opening of the door of repentance is announced in the town of Albukamal for the following factions:

1. Factions of the Free Army
2. The so-called Islamic Front
3. The Jowlani Front [Jabhat al-Nusra]
4. Soldiers of the Nusayri regime (from the Ahl al-Sunna)

And repentance is embraced on the following conditions:

1. The person acknowledges his apostasy
2. Submitting to a Shari’a session
3. Heading to the military/training camps and from there to the fighting fronts
4. Presentation of all information he has
5. Handing over all arms he has

So whoever wants to repent according to the aforementioned conditions will have protection from us: what is for us will be for him and what is upon us will be upon him. Let it be known that this chance for repentance includes whoever was fighting and whoever was sitting and whoever did not repent with the Islamic State but absolutely does not include the leaders of the factions

Specimen 1C: List of hudud punishments (Aleppo Province)

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

Statement of hudud


The Lord- Almighty and Exalted is He- has said: “For no, by your Lord, they will not believe until you judge the dispute between them and they find in themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and willingly submit.” [Qur’an 4:65].

The Exalted has also said: “Whoever does not judge by what God has sent down, they are the disbelievers.” [Qur’an 5:44]

The Exalted has also said: “So is it the ruling of the age of ignorance [before Islam] they desire? And who is better than God in judgement for a people certain in faith?” [Qur’an 5:50]

The Exalted has also said: “That is the judgment of God between you: and God is all-knowing, all-wise” [Qur’an 60:10, though slight misquotation here as the words يحكم بينكم are missing before ‘and God is all-knowing…’].

Oh Muslims, indeed the one who ponders these verses will find in them great meaning far removed from much of the minds of the people in this time and among these meanings are:

– Denial of faith of those who do not submit to Islamic Shari’a judgement.
– The necessity of being led by and submitting to Shari’a rulings without discomfort in the soul.
– The one who does not judge by what God has sent down is a kafir [disbeliever] and God forbid, even if he fasts, prays and asserts he is Muslim.
– There exists no better ruling than the ruling of God and all other rulings are ones of ignorance.
– When God- Almighty and Exalted is He- has judged between His servants, He has ruled between them and He is all-knowing, all-wise and there is no one more knowing or wiser than He- the Exalted.

Therefore, the Islamic State, believing in God- Almighty and Exalted is He- who has sent down the Book, and regarding as kufr [disbelief] the nations united to wage war on the Lord of the Lords, and regarding as kufr [disbelief] the judgements/rulings put in place by those created from the soil, pledges to God- Almighty and Exalted is He- to rule by His Shari’a in His land among His servants even if the disbelievers hate it. Thus we would like to make clear to the people the hudud of God- Almighty and Exalted is He- as a warning and deterrent.

Blasphemy against God: Almighty and Exalted is He Death
Blasphemy against the Messenger [PBUH] Death even if he repents
Blasphemy against the religion Death
Adultery 1. Stoning to death for the chaste2. 100 lashes & banishment for a year for the unchaste
Homosexuality Death for the penetrator and receiver
Theft Cutting off the hand
Drinking wine [alcohol] 80 lashes
Calumny 80 lashes
Spying for the interests of the disbelievers Death
Apostasy from Islam Death
Highway criminality 1. Killing and taking wealth: death and crucifixion2. Killing: death

3. Taking wealth: Cut off the right hand and left foot

4. Terrorizing the people: banishment.from the land

And indeed we make the people fear their Lord and call them to enter into His mercy by embracing His commands and adhering to His prohibition orders for that is is the best outcome in that and there is nothing better in the one judged if he does not submit to the law of the Lord and there is nothing bette for the one who judges if he does not judge/rule his servants by the ruling of God. And indeed the Islamic State will not compromise on this great attainment for whose sake it has offered hundreds of martyrs from its pious and pure sons, but rather it has established the law of God among its soldiers, and it has brought judgements even of death without exception among them.

And God is predominant in His affair but most people don’t know it [Qur’an 12:21].

Specimen 1D: Introduction of death penalty for blasphemy [Jarabulus area: September 2013]

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham
Wilayat Halab: Jarabulus Area

Important Warning

Thanks be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God as well as his family and companions.

God has said: “Those who abuse God and His Messenger, God has cursed them in this world [dunya] and the Hereafter [akhira] and has prepared for them a painful torment”- Surat al-Ahzab, 57 [Qur’an 33:57].

Then He has mentioned regarding the munafiqeen [hypocrites etc.]: “Accursed wherever they are found, seized and massacred completely” [Qur’an 33:61].

The Sheikh of Islam [Ibn Taymiyya] has said: “This must include seizure and massacre among the effects of the curse that they promised.”

The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham announces the application of the Shari’a punishment that is:



1. Whoever blasphemes against God- blessed and Almighty is He- belittles His exaltedness or says something of Him not befitting Him.

2. Whoever blasphemes the Prophet- prayers and peace be upon him- belittles his place or says something of him not befitting him.

This is so and the punishment will be implemented on the one proven guilty of that by judicial means in the Square of the Martyr (as reckon him) Abu al-Sa’ad al-Maghrebi at the Cultural Centre.


NB: This statement comes from the pre-Caliphate era at a time when ISIS was aiming to expand in Syria without wider infighting with rebels and only controlled a few northern border towns as strongholds, being only one of many groups in the vast majority of places where it had a presence. For this reason, the degree and speed of implementation of Shari’a was slower back then. Indeed, Jarabulus had been controlled as an ’emirate’ by ISIS (an important designation as a predecessor to the Caliphate) for around 3 months before this statement introducing death penalty for blasphemy emerged. Compare with the ISIS ’emirate’ of Azaz, where smoking was only rebuked by word, whereas it is punished now in Islamic State territories by flogging.

Abu al-Sa’ad al-Maghrebi was an ISIS fighter whose death was first announced in late July 2013. He reportedly died fighting for the ‘cleansing’ of Jarabulus from ISIS opponents, which either refers to the local Family of Jadir that was subjugated in June of that year, or the vanquishing of the small Kurdish PYD presence in the town in late July (previously tolerated by ISIS and it exercised no governing authority) after wider infighting broke out between ISIS and the PYD in that month following the expulsion of ISIS from Ras al-Ayn town.

Specimen 1E: Diwan al-Amn al-Aam [Public Security Department]: Reward for Killing/Wounding Jordanian Pilots

Islamic State
Diwan al-Amn al-Aam

The Almighty has said: “Fight them: God will torment them at your hands, cut them down, give you victory over them and heal the chests of the believing people, and the fury in their hearts will vanish. God forgives whom He wishes to forgive. And God is All-Knowing, All-Wise”- Qur’an 9:14-5.


By the agreement of the Majlis Shura [consultation council] of the Islamic State, a financial reward has been set for all who kill a Jordanian pilot or wound him such as to prevent him from flying or working within the Crusader alliance that targets the Muslims in the Islamic State. And the Diwan has set the reward at 100 gold dinars that the one who deserves the sum can receive it in currency of the Islamic State or any other currency of his choice that suits him. And the Islamic State will be obligated to send the sum to the place that he chooses by God’s permission after verification of his deserving to be payed by any means of verification possible.

And in what follows is a list of the names of the Jordanian pilots, their ranks and their titles as well as the information whose extraction is facilitated after completion of verification with the captive pilot of the Islamic State (Muadh Safi al-Kassasbeh), and it does not escape us…that we seek to give support to our Muslim brothers in Jordan of al-Sham and urge them to target these criminals who have engaged in spilling the blood of the Muslims by any means possible or publish any information that will facilitate our reaching them. The Almighty has said: “Oh you who believe, fight those of the kuffar [disbelievers], and may they find in you harshness. And know God is with the righteous.”- Qur’an 9:123.

NB: This statement confirms that IS regards Jordan as part of al-Sham which was in its geographic coincidence as ISIS.

Specimen 1F: Diwan al-Hisbah (Derna: Cyrenaica Province, Libya) on women’s clothing (October 2014)

Islamic State
Wilayat Barqa: Derna

Thanks be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, his family, companions and whoever is close to him. As for what follows:

Imam Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu al-Hayaj al-Asadi- may God be pleased with him: he said: “Ali- may God be pleased with him- said to me: ‘Do I not induce you to what the Messenger of God [PBUH] induced me? Do not allow a statue to stand unless you have obliterated it or a grave raised unless you have levelled it.'”

My brother in God:

This is an order from the Prophet (PBUH) to demolish statues- and this order is to prevent the step towards idolatry- for thus in the statues is resemblance to God’s creation.

And there is another order of warning:

It is regarding the display of revealing women’s clothes, and it is one of the things by which many people have been enticed…we offer this [warning] as sincere and affectionate advice for you, for the believers are sincere [?], while the munafiqeen [hypocrites/lukewarm] are swindlers.

Your brothers the men of al-Hisbah for virtue and vice
Diwan al-Hisbah

Specimen 1G: Warning against certain customs on Eid al-Adha: Hasakah Province (October 2014)

Islamic State
Diwan al-Hisbah
Wilayat al-Baraka
Centre: al-Shaddadi
Statement number: 5

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Known condemned practices and innovations on Eid al-Adha

Thanks be to God, the Lord of the Worlds, and may God bless our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions. As for what follows:

Muslim brother: we congratulate you on the beginning of the arrival of the blessed Eid al-Adha, and we ask you to accept this message from us in which we have put together some of the innovations and condemnd practices that take place during the day of Eid: and we ask God for this to be useful to you and all the Muslims.

1. People visiting the tombs during the day of Eid: this contravenes the guidance of the Prophet (PBUH) who forbade ‘taking up tombs on festivals’ [lit. meaning, most broadly encompasses any act of worship etc. at tombs], and visiting them in fixed times and festivals is among the meanings of ‘taking up tombs on festivals.’ Making this day one of sadness contravenes the truth of the festival that must be an occasion of joy and happiness just as the law has ordered, and thus we warn the people not to commit this condemned act and all who contravene this order will be held accountable [emphasis in original]

2. People killing the sacrificial victim for their dead, thus when someone says: “Oh God, I have sacrificed for so-and-so,” this is condemned by the consensus of the four imams. Thus Imam Shafi’i- may God have mercy on him- said: “One’s sacrifice does not benefit a dead person,” but rather the Sunna is: “Oh God, I have sacrificed for myself and my family.”

3. Some believe in the legitimacy of celebrating the night of Eid, but there is no prescription in marking out the night of Eid from the rest of the days for special customs.

4. Selling some of the parts of the sacrificial victim: whether its skin, foot, or head, or giving a part of it as a fee for the butcher. All of this is legally forbidden.

5. Killing the sacrificial victim before Eid prayer: the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever commits the slaughter before the Eid prayer, he has slaughtered it just for himself, but whoever commits it after the prayer has completed his sacrifice and followed the Sunna of the Muslims”- thus following on that.

6. Mixing of women with men: note the words of the Prophet (PBUH): “A man and woman are not to be left together unless she also has her mahrim with her.” In the same way the abundance of women wearing perfume who go out on this day, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “When a woman seeks to apply perfume to herself and thus goes out among the people so they may find in her such and such,” of any whore/adulterer. And women shaking hands with men especially what happens among relatives among the sons of the general populace, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever touches the palm of a woman and is not from her is on the path of placing on his palm the ember of the Day of Judgment.”

May God reward you best.

8 Dhu al-Hijjah. Thursday

Specimen 1H: Notice to truck/lorry drivers (Ninawa Province)


Warning to all lorry/truck drivers not to give a lift to soldiers of the Islamic State, by order of the Islamic State

Specimen 1I: Restrictions on women’s clothing, Tel Abyad, Raqqa province (December 2013)

Islamic Court
Statement: 1
1434 AH [sic: 1435]/2013 CE

Beginning from next Saturday- 11 Sufr 1435 AH/14 December 2013, there will be a complete ban on unveiling, as well as the wearing of tight trousers and cloaks, and the adorning of oneself and imitation of kafir [disbelieving] women. And any woman who contravenes this statement for distribution will expose herself to the severest consequences.

May God reward you best.

Virtue and Vice Committee
Islamic Court in Tel Abyad
Leadership of the Court

The judge [signature]

NB: This statement dates from before the town came under the sole control of the Islamic State (note too this is the pre-Caliphate era) in the following month on account of the infighting with Tel Abyad’s other factions (including Ahrar al-Sham battalions) that culminated in their expulsion from the town. ISIS’ presence in Tel Abyad dates back to the late spring of 2013 following the defection of the local Jabhat al-Nusra contingent to ISIS on account of Baghdadi’s call for merging under ISIS. The concept of the ‘virtue and vice committee’ is also important to note here as a predecessor to the Diwan al-Hisbah and Diwan al-Qaḍa bodies that developed in areas under the sole control of the Islamic State for the enforcement of Islamic morality. For comparison, when Fallujah first fell out of government control, ISIS was not the sole faction involved, and still having to deal with the fact other groups were in the town, ISIS set up a ‘virtue and vice committee’ (see specimen 1N).

Specimen 1J: New rent regulations, Hīt, Anbar province (early December 2014)

Islamic State
Diwan al-Qaḍa wa al-Maẓalim
Wilayat al-Anbar
Hīt district

To property owners and owners of real estate offices

Thanks be to God the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets, as well as his family and esteemed, fortunate companions. And for what follows:

The Blessed and Almighty Truth says: “And if someone is in hardship, let there be postponement until ease, but if you give charity, it is better for you, if you knew” [Qur’an 2:280].

On the authority of Abu Huraira: he said: the Messenger of God said: Whoever relieves a believer of one of the worries of the material world [dunya], God will relieve him of one of the worries of the day of Judgment, and whoever provides ease for one in hardship, God will provide him ease in this world and the Hereafter, and whoever protects a Muslim, God will protect him in this world and the Hereafter, and God in helping His servant is such as His servant has been in helping his brother [narrated in Sahih Muslim].

On this basis we call on all owners of residential and business real estate to show mutual understanding and deference to the circumstances of those renting [tenants] in such a situation as this, and we urge that the rent for residential and business real estate be thus:

Take the rent at a starting point of 100,000 dinars [around $84 at current exchange] and what has been added to that should be halved. So e.g., if the prior rent is 300,000 dinars, take the starting point sum as 100,000 dinars and so with the remaining sum of that at 200,000 dinars, divide that sum in half and one gets 100,000 dinars. Therefore, add this half to the original sum and the new rent is 200,000 dinars- fair and just among all.

Notice: Accountability begins from the beginning of the upcoming month [month of Sufr], and if the one seeking to let out for rent [the owner of the real estate] refuses to apply this special decision on rents, the tenant must go to the Islamic court to take up the necessary decision.

And God is the one behind the intention.
Islamic State
Diwan al-Qaḍa wa al-Maẓalim
Wilayat al-Anbar/Judge for Hīt court

Specimen 1K: Daily Coach Journeys in Islamic State Territory [December 2014]


Islamic State
Wilayat al-Raqqa
Connections Administration
(The Garages)

The Connections Administration in Wilayat al-Raqqa announces the starting up of daily journeys to al-Shaddadi [in Hasakah Province]- al-Qa’im [in Anbar province, on border with Syria, part of ‘Euphrates Province’]- Tel Afar [in Ninawa province, Iraq]- Sinjar- Mosul, as well as daily journeys from Raqqa to the town of al-Bab [Aleppo province]. Place to reserve tickets: Albu Laman garage.

Official for connections.

Specimen 1L: Vaccinations Card for Children, Aleppo Province (September 2014)


Islamic State
Diwan al-Siha
Wilayat Halab

Health Centre:
Centre’s Phone Number:

Child’s Vaccinations Card

Name and kunya:
Father’s name:
Mother’s name:
Date of birth:

Specimen 1M: Vaccinations Table for Child (as with Specimen 1L)

Dear mother:

The benefits of God upon His servants are numerous, and the pinnacle of those is the excellence of the sons/children. Observe the appointments for visits and be sure after the birth of the child to give it vaccinations according to the following timetable:

Visit Child’s age Vaccinations that will be given during the visit
1 From birth BCG (tuberculosis) and hepatitis
2 Beginning of third month 5-in-1 (tetramune& hepatitis) and poliomyelitis
3 Beginning of fifth month Tetramune and poliomyelitis
4 Beginning of seventh month 5-in-1 (tetramune & hepatitis) and oral polio vaccine
5 1 year MMR & oral polio vaccine & Vitamin A [supplement in vaccine]
6 1.5 years Tetramune & oral polio vaccine & MMR & Vitamin A: supplement
7 1st grade [school: around 7 years old] DT vaccine & oral polio vaccine & meningitis
8 6th grade DT vaccine

Tetramune: Diphtheria, pertussis [whooping cough], tetanus, haemophilus influenza type B
MMR: measles, mumps, rubella

NB: This system of vaccinations for children represents virtually no change from that in Assad regime-held areas: cf. this Syrian government website page on vaccinations.

Specimen 1N: Establishment of Virtue and Vice Committee (Islamic Court) in Fallujah, January 2014

Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham
Wilayat al-Anbar
Statement no.: 11
14 Rabi al-Awal 1435 AH
15 January 2014

Thanks be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God as well as his family, companions and whosoever is loyal/close to him. As for what follows:

The Almighty has said: “Those We have enabled in the land have established prayer, given zakat and commanded what is right and forbidden what is wrong. And to God belongs the outcome in the matters” [al-Hajj 41: Qur’an 22:41]. And on the authority of Hudaiqa- may God be pleased with him- on the authority of the Prophet [PBUH]: he said: “By the One in whose hand is my soul [God], you must command what is right and forbid what is wrong or God- Almighty and Exalted is He- may well send a torment against you from His power and then you may implore Him but He will not heed you.” Al-Tirmidhi narrated this and deemed it reliable. From the aforementioned ayah [verse of the Qur’an] and hadith, the obligation and importance of commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong are apparent to us.

Therefore we have decided to form a Virtue and Vice Committee that will undertake its role in doing away with conflict and separation among the Muslims, working according to the book of God [Qur’an] and the Sunna of the Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him), guiding them to the best on the program of the Prophets. It will also undertake to receive the complaints of the Muslims to address injustices and support the oppressed. So whoever wants to bring complaints with evidence against anyone even if he is one of the Islamic State members, let him hand in the complaints to the nearest known place for the Islamic State and they should be written down.

For know, oh Muslims, that we only want from this matter to satisfy God- Almighty and Exalted is He- implement the ruling of His Shari’a, and provide salvation for the oppressed believers in the land.

So oh our noble people in Fallujah, we say to you just as the Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him) said to the Ansar: “Blood is blood, and what is sacred is what is sacred , you are from us and we are from you, we wage war on those you have waged war on, and we are at peace with those you have been at peace with.” So we have only come to remove oppression from you, defend your honour and the honour of all the Muslims for this is our program and this is our creed (a book guides and a sword gives victory). And it has sufficed for your Lord as guiding and supporting. God’s peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, his family and companions.

Specimen 1O: Directions for Prayer on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha: Fallujah (2014: after IS-takeover of the city: here and here for originals)

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Fallujah
Mosques Centre (Markaz al-Masajid)

Prayers of the Two Eids

Thanks be to God the Lord of the Worlds and prayers and peace be upon on His Trusted Prophet and all his family and companions. As for what follows:

Wisdom from the legitimacy of the two Eids: every people has a day in which they adorn themselves and go out from their homes with their adornment. On the authority of Anas ibn Malik: “The people of Jahiliyya [age of ignorance before Islam] used to have two days every year in which they would celebrate with play, but when the Prophet came to Madina, he said: “You used to have two days in which you would celebrate with play, but God has exchanged those two for two things better for you: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.” Narrated by Ahmad and al-Nisa’i.

Indeed the day of fitr and slaughter are legitimized by God and He chose them for His creation because the two constitute two great pillars of the pillars of Islam- ‘fasting and hajj [pilgrimage]’- and in these two God forgives sins and spreads His mercy on His obedient servants. As for the festivals- Nawruz, Flag Day and National Day- and other such occasions, they are by the choice of the rulers of this time and what a difference between the two choices: one in which sins are forgiven and the gates of heaven are opened, the other a choice of error and in which the gates of hellfire are opened, between the joy of the Merciful [God] and the joy of Satan, so consider God has shown you the clear difference.

Ruling of the Prayers of the Two Eids:

The people of ‘Ilm [Islamic knowledge] have differed in the ruling of the prayers of the two eids on three expressed views:

1. That it is obligatory on the notables: the school of thought of Abu Hanifa [founder of Hanafi school of jurisprudence], one of two expressed views of the Shafi’i and a narration on the authority of Ahmad followed by Ibn Taymiyya and the expressed opinion of some of the Maliki jurists followed by al-Shukani.

(“Innovations, Ibn Abedain, Fairness, Collection of Fatwas, The Dragging Stream”) [These are references for the citations].

2. That it is obligatory on the collective: were some of them to undertake it, it would escape the rest, and this is the opinion of the Hanbali school of jurisprudence and some of the Shafi’i (al-Mughni, Collection).

3. It is an affirmed Sunna and it is not obligatory: of the school of thought of Malik and al-Shafi’i and most of the companions of the two (Jawahir al-Aktheel, Collection).

Its timing: The time of Eid prayers is after the rising of the Sun (i.e. visible to the onlooker/after the passing of the time of loathsomeness) and ends with the disappearance of the Sun and in this regard the collection have spoken (Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali):- Ibn Abedein, Beginning of the One Who Engages in Ijtihad, al-Mughni.

The most preferable in al-Adha prayer is that you pray at the first of its time [as soon as possible] so that the Muslims can be free after it to slaughter their victims, but it is preferable for it to be slightly delayed on Eid al-Fitr to allow for the people to bring out zakat al-fitr.

Place to carry it out: on th authority of Abu Sa’id al-Hadari: he said: “The Messenger of God was going out on the day of al-Fitr and al-Adha to the place for prayer, for the first thing he used to do was pray…” Sahih Bukhari. And the Sunna is that you pray in “open country or a wide space” unless there is a legitimate excuse “like rain, or fear of an enemy, or illness” and others besides these so there is no impediment for you to pray in the mosque.

Customs of going out to Eid prayers:

1. It is desirable to wash before going out.
2. Adorning oneself and wearing best clothes.
3. Crying ‘Allahu akbar’ [takbir] from going out till prayers.
4. Women and youth go out to pray.
5. Contrast the path to the place of prayer.
6. Go to the place of prayer early.

Manner of Takbir

There is no reliable raised hadith from the Prophet on the manner of takbir but ascertainment on the authority of Ibn Mas’ud: that he used to say: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la illah ill Allah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillah al-hamd.” Ibn Abu Shayba brought this out with reliable isnad.

Use [of the takbir]:

– In al-Fitr prayers: from last sunset of Ramadan to the entry of the Imam into the mosque for prayers.
– In al-Adha: one should cry the takbir from the dawn of the day of Arafa until the last day of the days of Tashreeq, and this is the consensus view of the predecessors, jurists and imams: Collection of Fatwas.
– There is no Sunna before or after the prayers: On the authority of Ibn Abbas: “The Prophet prayed on the day of Fitr two rak’ah and did not pray before or after it…” Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nisa’i and Ibn Maja.
– There is no call to prayer for Eid and no establishment of the call for it: On the authority of Jaber ibn Samurah, he said: “I prayed with the Messenger of God on the two Eids, more than once or twice, without call to prayer or establishment for call to it.”- narrated by Muslim, Tirmidhi and Nisa’i.

Manner of prayer for Eid: Eid prayer has two rak’ah, thus by hadith of Omar: he said: “Prayer of Safr is two rak’ah, Friday prayer and Eid two rak’ah, complete without shortening” on the tongue of Muhammad. Ahmad and Ibn Maja [hadith collectors] brought this out.

Prayer is thus:

1. Takbirat l-Ihram like the rest of the prayers [see here for video demonstration].
2. Then one says the takbir seven other times before recital [of the Qur’an]. There has been no reliable hadith from the Prophet with fixed mention of his silence between the takbirs but Ibn Mas’ud said: “Between every two takbirs [he said:] thanks to God and praise for Him.” Brought out by al-Bayhaqi with sound transmission.
3. It is desirable to recite after the Fatiha (Sura Qaf, by the Glorious Qur’an) in the first Rak’ah, and in the second, “The hour has drawn near and the moon has rent asunder,” just as ascertained from the Prophet: brought out by Muslim and Tirmidhi. Or he recites, “Recite the name of Your Lord on High,” and “Has there reached you report of the Overwhelming Event?” Narrated by Muslim.
4. Five takbirs in the second rak’ah up to what has come forth in the first rak’ah.
5. Prayer is completed.

This method of prayer for Eid is the expressed opinion of most of the Ahl al-‘Ilm in accordance with what was narrated on the authority of A’isha and Abdullah ibn Amro.

Eid sermon after prayer: And the Sunnah is that the imam gives a sermon after prayer standing on the ground, not on the pulpit, just as the Messenger of God and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs from after him did. The sermon is like other sermons but opens with the takbir.

Condemned practices on Eid:

1. Shaving beard.
2. Shaking hands with foreign women [i.e. not your relatives].
3. Following the kuffar in dress and shaving.
4. Gender mixing.
5. Women’s adornment.
6. Designating a visit for the tombs on Eid.
7. Spreading use of stringed instruments.
8. Listening to songs.
9. Squandering on something useless.

Specimen 1P: Regulations Imposed by Public Services Committee: Raqqa Province (December 2014)

System for dealing with violations, issued from the Municipal Office
Islamic State
Wilayat al-Raqqa
Public Services Committee

1. The sale of combustibles and gas cylinders in populated places is absolutely forbidden.
2. Displays in the public streets and their sidewalks are forbidden.
3. Store owners must embrace store regulations and must not display their goods outside the store.
4. Store owners must embrace cleanliness standards.

The consequences for violating any of the aforementioned clauses (1,2,3,4) will be as follows:

First: Written warning for a period of 4 days [i.e. 4 days to stop violating the clause(s)].
Consequence no. 1: Fine of 10000 Syrian pounds w/ removal of the display, as well as making the owner clean the place.
Consequence no. 2: Fine set by the committee w/ prison sentence and removal of the display. [i.e. if violation continues despite first and consequence no. 1].

5. Small displays and sales wagons in the public streets are forbidden.
6. Displays that impede the movement of traffic and pedestrians are forbidden.
7. Owners of displays that are around/in the vicinity of the mosques must nor raise their voices.
8. Owners of displays and sales wagons must embrace cleanliness standards.

The consequences for violating any of the aforementioned clauses (5,6,7,8) will be as follows:

First: Written warning for a period of 4 days.
Consequence no. 1: Fine of 5000 Syrian pounds w/ removal of the display, as well cleaning the place.
Consequence no. 2: Fine set by the committee and prison sentence.

9. Merchants in the al-Khadra market must leave a distance of 3m for the passage of pedestrians.
10. Merchants in the al-Sham market must leave a distance of 4m for the passage of pedestrians.
11. Merchants in the al-Khadra and al-Sham markets must embrace cleanliness standards.

The consequences for violating any of the aforementioned clauses (9,10,11) will be as follows:

First: Written warning for a period of 4 days.
Consequence no. 1: Fine of 10000 Syrian pounds w/ removal of the display, as well as cleaning the place.
Consequence no. 2: Fine set by the committee w/ prison sentence and removal of the display for anyone who has violated one of the clauses.

12. People must dispose of rubbish from 6 pm to 6 am in the specially designated places and the one who contravenes is to pay a fine of 500 Syrian pounds.

Specimen 1Q: Friday sermon for Ninawa Province Mosques: February 2015

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophethood/Prophets
Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Masajid
Wilayat Ninawa Centre

Statement no. 128

Unified sermon: rulings of the abode
Sermon of need: with which the Prophet would begin

Indeed the message of the Prophet came for all mankind but he- may my father and mother be sacrificed for him- was sent for two weighty things, calling to God and warning of Satan and his loyalists. And indeed our hanif Shari’a has made clear to us that the dwellings of creation should be in the Hereafter after accounting in the first two abodes: the dwellings of the people of Islam and they constitute the abode of comfort, happiness, security, guarantee, excellence and satisfaction in which there is no concern, affliction, fear, anxiety, but rather it is the abode of eternity, the abode of those who fear/are aware of God, the abode of comfort, the Paradise of the Lord of the Worlds. The Almighty has said: “Those who do good in this world, for them is good. And indeed the abode of the Hereafter is better; and how great is the abode of those who fear/are aware of God”- (al-Nahl 30: Qur’an 16:30).

Second: the dwellings of the people of kufr [disbelief] and they constitute the abode of torment, sadness, fear, loss, concern, affliction and anxiety. Indeed it is the abode of perdition, the abode of sadness and fire, in which there is no security or tranquillity. Indeed it is the hellfire that has been prepared for the disbelievers. The Almighty has said: “Have you not considered those who exchanged the blessing of God for disbelief and settled their people in the abode of perdition?”- (Ibrahim 28: Qur’an 14:28).

So just as creation’s abode in the Hereafter is divided into an abode of peace and an abode of torment- so similarly in this world- just so there are two abodes: the abode of Islam and the abode of disbelief. Every abode has its rulings, in which on combination there are obligations that have been brought by our Hanif law. And we must recognize when the abode will be an abode of Islam and when it will be an abode of disbelief. The Ahl al-‘Ilm [people of Islamic knowledge] have said: “The abode depends on what rulings reign supreme in it: if it’s the rule of God and His Shari’a, it is the abode of Islam even if its people are predominantly disbelievers. But if the ruling of idolatrous tyranny [taghut], secularism and man-made laws of the moment, it is the abode of kufr, even if its people are predominantly Muslims for there is no mutual attachment between the rule of the abode and the rule of members just as in Mecca before the hijra and Medina after the hijra, Khaybar, Andalus and other places besides those.

The consensus of the Ahl al-‘Ilm- among them the four imams- on the fact that the world consists of two abodes: the abode of Islam and the abode of kufr.

The abode of Islam: it is where the rule of God is truly supreme and not merely in superficial form, truth in reality and not mere talk in analogies. Al-Shafi’i (may God have mercy on him): “The abode of Islam is all land in which the rulings of Islam appear and no trace of disbelief has appeared from declaring the Prophet or Book of God to be false, or disdain or atheism/apostasy.” And when the enemies of Islam have seen this Caliphate which rules in this good land by the ruling of God alone, look how quickly they marshalled against it from everywhere, striking at it from one bow, from their east and west, Arabs and non-Arabs. All have agreed on waging war on the Islamic State because the Islamic State rules by the Shari’a of God, and because the religion of Islam is a comprehensive religion and program for life, for it is a whole not to be divided and it is not as the Al al-Salul [House of Saud] and others besides them from the lands of apostasy claim when they assert the rule of the Shari’a and believe in a part but declare another part to be disbelief. For they apply what does not conflict with their interests and the interests of America and others besides them from the states of disbelief so they are close to/assist the enemies of God against those close to God for the sake of pleasing the Crusader alliance.

As for the abode of disbelief: where the rule of idolatrous tyranny and not that of God Almighty is supreme. So it is the abode of disbelief even if most of its people and inhabitants are Muslims like the lands in which the idolatrous tyrants rule now, so it is the abode of disbelief and apostasy as the rule of the abode has no link with the rule of the members just as the Ahl al-‘Ilm have specified. The abode of disbelief is divided into two divisions: the abode of original disbelief like America, Europe, Greece and other lands besides them from the land of original disbelief. And the abode of incidental disbelief: disbelief of apostasy after Islam like the Arab states now and others besides them from those who claim Islam when they are apostates waging war on the law of God Almighty.

And it is ambiguous for many of the people today that the Arab lands are the abode of Islam and in reality they are the abode of disbelief and apostasy despite the fact that many of their people are Muslims because the rule of idolatrous tyranny is supreme over them and so immigration and travel to them are forbidden. Al-Baghawi (may God have mercy on him) said: “Whoever has become Muslim in the abode of disbelief, he must leave that abode and go out from among them to the abode of Islam.” And on this basis the Ahl al-‘Ilm have made clear the obligation of emigrate from the abode of disbelief to the abode of Islam.

Second sermon: Thanks be to God the Powerful, the Strong, and may God’s peace and blessings be upon the one sent by the sword as a mercy to the worlds. As for what follows:

The Almighty and Exalted says: “Indeed, those whom the angels take while they wrong themselves, will say to them: ‘In what condition were you in?’ They will say: ‘We were oppressed in the land.’ They will say, ‘Was not the earth wide for you to make emigration in it?’ For them is the destination of Hell, and it is evil a destination.” [Nisa 97: Qur’an 4:97]. The interpreters have agreed on this ayah, stipulating the obligation of emigration from the abode of disbelief to the abode of Islam. Those who excused their emigration because they were oppressed, the angels responded to them that God’s Earth is wide and there is no excuse for them to abandon emigration. And today, o servants of God, there is scarcely any land ruled by the Shari’a of God except the land of the Caliphate, on which the Islamic State has spread the authority of God and established in it His Shari’a so what is the sense for people abandoning the abode of Islam and fleeing to the abode of disbelief, atheism, secularism and subordination to the Jews, Christians and Rafidites [Shi’a]. [?] The Messenger of God said: “Whoever joins with the mushrik [polytheist/idolator] and dwells with him, he is like him”- (Sound). The One on whom be Prayers and Peace said: “I disavow every Muslim living among the mushrikeen.” They said: Oh Messenger of God, why? He said: “Their two fires should not appear together” [reliable]. So be sure oh servants of God not to fall into what your Lord has forbidden you from in His book [Qur’an] and on the tongue of His Prophet. The Ahl al-‘Ilm have said: “That is, the Muslim does not stay in the place whose fire the mushrik sees when he has lit it but he stays with the Muslims in their abode, because the mushrik has no treaty and guarantee.” They have also said: “The Muslim is not characterized by the feature of the mushrik and does not imitate/follow him in his direction or form and does not adopt his manners.” And the Prophet has said: “Whoever imitates/follows a people is from among them.” (sound).

May God make mighty Islam and the Muslims.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Masajid
Wilayat Ninawa Centre.

Specimen 1R: Friday sermon for Ninawa Province Mosques

Islamic State
Wilayat Ninawa
Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Masajid
No.: 134
Date: 17 February 2015

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Unified sermon (Faith)
Sermon of need: with which the Prophet would begin

Introduction: The one who observes affairs of life and the matters of the servants [of God] will find groups of people living in various types of trouble and distress, and their chests exhale various types of dissatisfaction and complaints- distress that is stormy in the tranquillity and calm of life. They are missing repose and happiness, and they lack contentment and tranquillity. And why shouldn’t it be so since their souls are immersed in their resentment, hatred, misery and egoism? And the observer returns again in his view to see groups of people who have been blessed in the calm of life, noble to their souls, noble to the people, noble to God, good at heart, peaceful at heart, free of concerns. What is the difference between these two groups? What has distinguished the two camps? It is faith and tranquillity of the soul. The Prophet said: “May he who has been content with God as a Lord, Islam as a religion and Muhammad as a Messenger taste the nourishment of faith”- Sahih Muslim). And similarly the truth-teller to be believed- peace and prayers be upon him- said: “Three conditions will lead to the sweetness of faith: that God and His Messenger should be most beloved to him, above all besides the two; that he should love a person for God’s sake alone; that he should hate to return to the disbelief from which God has saved him just as he should hate to be thrown into the fire (muttafiq alayhi- i.e. transmitted by Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim).

So what is faith oh servants of God?

Faith is just as it is known oh servants of God: word and deed that are magnified by obedience to God and diminished by insubordination and sins, and completely taken away by disbelief and apostasy. Al-Bukhari said: “I have recognized 1000 of those who preceded this Ummah saying faith is word and deed.”

And mankind will not be unified until their deeds give credibility to their words. The Almighty has said: “Great has become the hatred in God’s sight when you say what you do not do”- al-Saff 3 [Qur’an 61:3]. Thus God has equated word with deed, and this is the truth nature of what is called faith among the Ahl al-Sunna, and it is the word of truth/righteousness that we have been ordered to call for and fight for. The Prophet said: “I have been ordered to fight the people until they testify that there is no deity but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and they establish prayer and give zakat. If they do those things, they have guarantee from me for their blood and property except with respect to Islam. And their reckoning is upon God”- muttafiq alayhi.

So our faith- we of the Ahl al-Sunna- is in the middle between the negligence of the people of irja and the excess of the khawarij. For the people of irja have said: “Nothing conflicts with faith.” While the khawarij have declared people to be disbelievers for sins, and this is great falsehood and distortion.

For whoever has testified that there is no deity but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, prays in the direction of our qibla [i.e. towards Mecca], and does not fall into principles denied by tawheed, we bear witness of his adherence to Islam outwardly and entrust the issue of conscience to God. And we do not declare him to be a disbeliever unless God and His Messenger declare him to be thus, such as if he mocks the religion of God Almighty or any part of it. To illustrate this, the speech of the Almighty: “Say: Is it God, His verses and His Messenger you were mocking? Make no excuse: you have disbelieved after your belief”- Tawba 65-5: Qur’an 9:65-6]. Just as it happened in the Tabuk raid, when a man in the council said: “I have not seen the likes of these readers, more covetous on the inside, or more lying in tongues, and more cowardly on encountering them. So a man in the mosque said: “You have lied, but you are a munafiq, thus I should inform the Messenger of God.” So that reached the Messenger of God, and he revealed the [verses of the] Qur’an. Abdullah ibn Omar said: “And I saw him clinging to the baggage of the she-camel of the Messenger of God…and saying: “Oh Messenger of God, we were only conversing and playing.” And the Messenger of God was saying: “Is it God, His verses and His Messenger you were mocking? Make no excuse: you have disbelieved after your belief.” [i.e. this whole story is the ‘reason/occasion for revelation’ of Qur’an 9:65-6].

And religion has levels as the Prophet clarified in the long hadith of Gabriel (muttafiq alayhi) when he asked him: “Tell me about Islam, tell me about faith, tell me about al-ihsan…”

The second sermon: Thanks be to God, the Powerful, the Firm, and prayers and peace be upon the one sent by the sword as a mercy to the worlds, and on his good family, and may God be pleased with his companions and followers- the Ibrahimiya salat– and as for what follows:

Oh brothers of faith: Just as we brought forth that faith is word and deed and we stipulated that word must conform with deed. Similarly, faith is magnified by obedience and diminished by rebellion. So whenever mankind increases in obedience to God Almighty, the mercy of their Lord covers them, their faith increases and God Almighty loves them just as the Prophet informed: “Indeed God Almighty said: Whoever shows hostility to a friend of mine, I have declared war on him. My servant does not grow closer to me through anything more beloved to me than the duties I have imposed on him. My servant continues to draw near me with extra works until I love him. When I love him, I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hands with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask something from me, I would surely give it to him. If he were to ask me for refuge, I would surely grant it to him. I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death and I hate to disappoint him.”- narrated by Bukhari.

The Prophet has made clear: “We have the path of faith and the method by which we ascend in its levels. And we have warned against falling into rebellion and sins which diminish man’s faith just as he said: The adulterer is not a believer when he fornicated, and the drinker is not a believer when he drinks wine when he drinks , and the thief is not a believer when he steals. And the robber is not a believer when he robs and the people look on at him”- muttafiq alayhi).

And it has been made clear on the authority of Ibn Abbas- may God be pleased with him- that he was calling to his youths, and said: ‘Am i not to marry you off?’ It is not for man to commit adultery unless God has taken away the light of faith from him’. And Akrima asked him: ‘How is faith taken away from him?’ He said: ‘Like this’- and he clasped his fingers and brought them out- ‘and if he repents it returns to him like this’- and he clasped his fingers.

So beware oh servants of God that death should come to you and you are without the faith the Prophet brought because it is the rope of salvation and the path of happiness in the two abodes. The Prophet said: “You are to follow my Sunna and the Sunna of the rightly-guided, leading successors [caliphs]. Hold onto them and clasp them with your teeth.”

. To those established in the mosques, please follow these instructions:

1. Remove the word ‘shaheed’ from the names of the mosques.
2. No beggars in the mosques, because there is the Diwan al-Zakat wa al-Sadaqat to give zakat and sadaqat to those who deserve it.
3. No abandoning of the Dua Qunut al-Nawazil in the five prayers. Brothers who have abandoned the Dua Qunut must return to continue it.

Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Masajid
Amir al-Markaz
Diwan al-Da’wah wa al-Masajid
Markaz Wilayat Ninawa: Amir

Specimen 1S: Advertisement of Services for Umm al-Mu’mineen A’isha Hospital, Aleppo Province


Islamic State
Umm al-Mu’mineen A’isha Hospital
Diwan al-Siha
Wilayat Halab

Medical service day and night.

. [Services for] Children and nursemaids of premature babies and breast-feeding infants
. Women and childbirth operations
. Surgical operations in all specialties

General-Bone-Urinary Tract-Nervous System

. Outpatient clinics for all specialties.

Specimen 1T: Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Hospital Sign, Jarabulus [Aleppo province]. Diwan al-Siha publication: Guide to Nursing the Sick



Specimen 1U
: Call for repentance of teachers in IS-controlled parts of Syria: February 2015

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Program of the Prophets/Prophethood
Diwan al-Ta’aleem
Statement for distribution: 11- for the wilayat [provinces] of al-Sham only.
Date: 25 Rabi’ al-Thani 1436 AH

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
Important announcement from the Diwan al-Ta’aleem

Thanks be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God and all his family and companions. As for what follows:

God Almighty has said: “Say: oh my servants who have transgresed against themselves, do not despair of God’s mercy. Indeed God forgives all sins. Indeed He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. And return to your Lord and submit to Him before the torment comes upon you. Then you will not be helped. And follow the best of what has come down to you from your Lord before the torment suddenly comes upon you and you do not realize it.”- Zumr 53-55 (Qur’an 39:53-55).

The Almighty has also said: “Whoever does not repent, those are among the wrong-doers/oppressors.”- Hujurat 11 (Qur’an 49:11).

By the permission of God and His success, a special committee will undertake the placing of programs of required repentance for those belonging to the educational organization affiliated with the disbelieving Nusayri government.

And that will take place on the first Friday of Jumada al-Awwal 1436 AH corresponding with 20 February 2015.

The repentance will be carried out in the following mosques:

1. Al-Alu Mosque [in Raqqa]
2. Martyrs Mosque [also in Raqqa]
3. Al-Nur Mosque [also in Raqqa]
4. The Great Mosque [also in Raqqa etc.]
5. Zain al-Abadeen Mosque
6. Zaid bin Haritha Mosque
7. Abdullah bin Mas’ud Mosque

All the male teachers must attend the Friday prayers and sermon in the aforementioned mosques for their required repentance to be completed after the prayers. Whoever can’t attend for a legitimate excuse should head to the educational centre (formerly the education college) to complete the repentance proceedings within 2 weeks at the latest from the date of notification of the requirement for repentance. And whoever does not attend for required repentance, it will be considered evidence of his apostasy and the necessary judicial proceedings will be applied against him.

As for female teachers, their required repentance will take place on Tuesday, 4 Jumada al-Awwal 1436 AH corresponding with 23 February 2015 in the Dhat al-Nataqain centre (formerly the Literature College [in Raqqa city]) at 10 a.m.

We urge all to embrace attendance and not to delay, and whoever contravenes the ruling of this statement will expose himself to inquiry.

And God is predominant over His affair but most people don’t know it.

Dhu al-Qarnain
Amir of the Diwan al-Ta’aleem

Specimen 1V: Opening of Schools in Raqqa for Children of English-Speaking Foreign Fighters


Specimen 1W: Mathematics & Arabic Language Textbooks issued by Diwan al-Ta’aleem for 1st grade, primary school, year 1436 AH



Specimen 1X: Fatwa on Women’s Travel: Al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa’ Committee

Islamic State
Al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa’ Committee
Fatwa no.: 45
Date: 25/2/1436 AH

Question: What is the ruling on a woman travelling without a mahrim (and her mahrim is present with her and does not go out with her)?

Answer: A woman may not travel without a mahrim because Bukhari narrated from a hadith on the authority of Ibn Abbas (may God be pleased with him): “He said: The Prophet [PBUH] said: ‘The woman is not to travel without the mahrim.'” And is the mahrim compelled to go out? In this there is disagreement and the right response: He is not compelled and God knows best.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa’

Specimen 1Y: Fatwa on Playing Billiards

Islamic State
Al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa’ Committee
Fatwa no.: 49
Date: 6/2/1436 AH

Question: What is the ruling on playing billiards?

Answer: It is permitted to play billiards on these conditions:

1. It should be devoid of gambling and included in that definition is having the loser pay to hire the game. The Almighty has said: “Oh you who believe, indeed wine, al-Maysar, stone altars and divination by arrows [an Arab pre-Islamic practice] are filth of Satan’s handiwork. Avoid them that you may have success”- al-Ma’ida 90 [Qur’an 5:90]. Ibn Abbas and Ibn Omar- may God be pleased with them both- said: ‘Al-Maysar is gambling.’ [Tafsir Ibn Katheer- 3/178].

2. That it should not be a barrier to obligatory mention of God’s name, or any obligatory act of obedience, and when you have become distracted from what is obligatory externally or internally, it is forbidden by the agreement of the ‘ulama, just as the Sheikh of Islam [Ibn Taymiyya] affirmed in the exposition of his discussion on chess and this discussion also applies to billiards and whatever else corrupts the two from among contemporary games.

3. In it there should not be blasphemy, cursing, scorn, resentment, hatred, according to what Bukhari narrated from a hadith of Ibn Mas’ud from the Prophet [PBUH]. He said: “Vituperating the Muslim, committing injustice against him or fighting him is disbelief.”

And one must also drawn attention to this: it is not proper for the mujahideen servants of God to occupy their leisure time with these sorts of things that render no benefit on them but rather constitute a waste of time. The Prophet said: “There are two blessings in which most people are deceived: health and leisure.” And among this is the harshness of the heart of which God knows and thus the Sunnah has come not to encourage increasing the number of permissible deeds [i.e. through speculative theology- ‘talk’/kalam]. Thus came in the Sunan of Tirmidhi on the authority of Ibn Omar: that the Prophet said: “Don’t increase talk without mention of God, for abundance of talk without mention of God is harshness for the heart. And indeed the furthest of people from God are those with harsh heart.” And God knows best. God bless our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa’

NB: This interesting fatwa, which does not outlaw billiards but recommends IS fighters in particular against playing it, is to be compared with a ruling from Jabhat al-Nusra’s judicial body- the Dar al-Qaḍa- that ordered all shops with billiards in Hureitan, Aleppo province, to close. Below also is a photo from over a year ago of then ISIS members playing billiards in a café in Raqqa.