Appeal to the International Community to protect multi-ethnic communities in Syria.

Statement of Democratic Union Party’s foreign Affairs and relations Office reg. Salafist and jihadist attacks on Kurdish civilians in Gire Sipi( Tel-Abeyd), northern Syria.

 We, the Foreign Affairs and Relations Office of the Democratic Union Party,  would like to draw the attention of the international community to protect  the civilians – Kurds, Arabs and other Syrian multi-ethnicities, Assyrians,  Armenians, Christians – against the brutal ethnic cleansing attacks taking  place against the peacefully co- existing ethnicities in the Kurdish region  in Syria.

 Since 18 July 2013, the Salafist armed groups, Jabhat al-Nusa and Islamic  State of Iraq and al-Alsham affiliated to Al-Qaida, have launched brutal  attacks on Kurdish neighbourhoods in the Tel-Abeyd Area, killing, kidnapping  and shelling with heavy weaponry the Kurdish neighbourhoods and calling
 publically to kill, kidnap and loot Kurds and force them to leave their  homes and properties.

 As a result hundreds of Kurdish civilians have been kidnapped, tortured and  their houses have been looted and burned down.
 These terrorist attacks on civilians is an act of ethnic cleansing of ethnic  communities who have been co-existing peacefully together and it  destabilises the Kurdish regions that have been relatively peaceful in an  attempt to evict from the people and forcibly impose the rules of the  Islamic state of Iraq- al-Sham in Syria.
 These armed terrorist groups which are a major threat to the regional and  global stability and peace, have been militarily facilitated and supplied by  Turkey and its allies, the Gulf states. The recent intervention of six  military tanks and hundreds of jihadists from Turkey into Tel-Abeyd, Syria,
 shows the Turkish involvement in the ongoing Syrian sectarian war which  neither serves the interests of Syrians nor Turkey and its allies. The EU  and the US should recognise the Kurdish democratic, secular struggle against  the Salafist Al-Qaida which is a major threat to both the US and the EU. The  Kurds and the democratic movement in Syria have successfully managed to
 administer themselves democratically and peacefully and they have actively  sought and contributed to democratic, peaceful change inside Syria.

 This  successful model shows that Kurds are the major potential player for  establishing stability and developing democracy in the region.
 We consider a comprehensive political settlement to be an effective  resolution to end the Syrian crisis and its brutal civil war. Therefore we  call on the international community, the UN, EU and the USA to protect  multi- ethnic communities in Syria and cooperate with the Kurds and other
 democratic movements against this common threat which is undermining  regional and global stability, democracy and peace.
 The Foreign Affairs and Relations Office of the PYD.