APO HAS DECIDED & SENDS HIS LETTER ALL AROUND : PDK & PKK reach an agreement on Syrian Kurdistan

Hemin Saleh – BasNews, Erbil – 29.1.2014 – The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) have reached an agreement on Kurdish cities in Syria and the Kurdish National Congress (KNC). Well-known Kurdish Turkish politician and political activist Leyla Zana will soon give a letter written by jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, which contains details about the agreements, to the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Massoud Barzani.

According to a news source, Zana will go to Qandil in the next two days to discuss the contents of the letter with PKK leaders. The same source also told BasNews that Zana will then travel to Europe to present Ocalan’s letter to President Barzani.

The letter details an important agreement reached between the KDP and the PKK about the KNC and the problems pertaining to Kurdish cities in Syria.  The source noted there was a good understanding achieved between both sides regarding the problems.

“We hope both sides will behave according to the agreement in order to remove all hindrances of starting the KNC,” the Representative of Foreign Relations for the PKK, Damhat Agid, told BasNews. Agid reported that they have asked for official confirmation about what is really occurring in the predominantly Kurdish cities in Syria. They have also asked that the KRG make a formal announcement about the KNC. Agid acknowledged it will foster better relations between the KDP and the PKK if both sides follow the agreement. “The issues over Kurdish cities in Syria and the KNC are opportunities for Kurdish political parties to work together to have better relationships with each other,” Agid noted.