Religious representatives in Rojava discuss Democratic Islam Conference

ANF – DÊRİK 17.02.201440 Moslem leaders meeting in the Rojava town of Dêrik (Malikiya) have given their support to Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s proposal for a Democratic Islam Conference. They also condemned attacks and atrocities being carried out in the name of Islam.

Forty Moslem religious representatives from the Dêrik, Berav and Koçerat areas came together at the Mala Gel (People’s House) to establish committees under the auspices of the Cizre Canton Ministry of Religious Affairs. The meeting began a with a one-minute’s silence and a prayer in memory of YPG fighters who have died.

Said Hessam, from the Derik Religious Committee, started his speech by condemning attacks and massacres, saying: “these gangs that say they are fighting in the name of Islam are using it as a curtain to carry out all manner of evil deeds. They are being encouraged to attack Kurds in the name of Islam in Friday sermons. These people are using Islam for their own ends. Anyone who calls themselves a Moslem must fight against them.”

Hessam also mentioned the proposal made by Abdullah Öcalan for a Democratic Islam Conference. Hessam said: “We support the Kurdish People’s Leader’s proposal in order that the true essence of Islam be understood and to prevent the takes that are being perpetrated.” He added that the enemy wished to do the same to Öcalan that it had done to other Kurdish leaders, but that the İmralı system had been unable to tear the people away from its leader.  Imams at the meeting condemned the attacks of the gangs, stressing that Islam was a religion of peace. Following the speeches elections were held for Islamic committees. A 20-person committee was elected, with ten representatives from the Dêrik area, and 5 each from the Koçerat and Berav areas.