Apo disciples know difference between Lausanne and Geneva: Salih Muslim – KNC didn’t join strike

16.2.2014 – Kurdpress – Addressing a gathering in Strasburg, France, on the 15th anniversary of the arrest of the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Abdullah Ocalan (Kurds call Apo), Muslim said:” Ocalan in the symbol of unity among Kurds and his disciples know the difference between Geneva and Lausanne and divide the Kurds.” There where protests in Syria Kurdish regions and the same day and many businessmen shot the doors of their shops but the supporters of the Kurds Patriotic Council did not join the strike. The union is against the PYD planes and actions in northern Syria due to its unilateral policies and marginalizing the other lines and sides in the Kurdish regions in the north of the war-torn country.