Another Iraqi Kurdish jihadist killed in Syria

10-11-2013 – Saywan Amin – BasNews (Kifri): – 22 year old Zana Rizgar from Kifri (Kurdistan Region) was killed in fighting. Local authorities have prevented his family from holding funeral processions.

“Zana Rizgar joint al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist group, known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) three months ago,” Sherko Hussein, the Mayor of Kifri, told BasNews. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has instructed that no funeral processions are to be held for Iraqi Kurds who die as jihadists.“We heard the news of his death last Friday, he is the only youth from this area who has been killed in Syria,” Hussein added.

BasNews has been informed that eight other men have joined al-Qaeda’s fight in Syria; one allegedly committed suicide while he was there. Last week, BasNews obtained an exclusive interview with an Iraqi Kurdish fighter in Syria, Abu Muslim, who left for Syria 14 months ago to wage “jihad against the Syrian regime”.  Muslim said that dozens of Iraqi Kurdish youths from Halabja and Hawraman region have set out to fight the Syrian regime.