Another day of clashes in Serêkaniyê

13 December 2012 – ANF – New clashes erupted in the Western Kurdish city of Serêkaniyê. – Clashes have once again intensified on Thursday morning in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê (Rasulayn) following the events on Wednesday when an armed group, Ehrar Xweran (Heran), allegedly affilated to Free Syrian Army, attacked YPG forces twice in the afternoon.

Clashes today have reportedly intensified in the neighborhoods of Ebra and Mehet. – Artillery shootings have been reported from Turkey’s side as well amidst allegations that the armed groups are supported and assisted from the Syrian city of Tel Xelef and Turkish provinces on the borderline. In a written statement on clashes on Wednesday, YPG Command reported that a number of assailants of an armed group were killed and many others were injured in clashes that broke out as YPG responded to the attack of the group. YPG noted that the group retreated from the city on Wednesday night following severe clashes in which it suffered heavy losses. YPG remarked that one YPG member, Goran  Dêrik, lost his life and one other Kurdish fighter was wounded in yesterday’s clashes. According to earlier reports received from local sources, sixteen members of armed groups were wounded and then taken to Ceylanpınar State Hospital in the province of Urfa after the clashes on Wednesday.