All Syrian Protests against ISIS, January 3, 2014 (Click for pictures)

Many protests have taken place today against the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) or Da3ech. Its attacks on revolutionaries, in addition to its authoritarian practices and reactionary ideology, have nurtured the anger of the Syrian revolutionary masses.Chants “Assad and Da3ech are one” or ” Da3ech, get out” have become widely used for a while now in liberated areas of Syria.
Here are some videos and pictures of today’s protest:ISIS men firing on a protest against them in Takharim village, in Idlib governorate. –
Aleppo, against ISIS
Arrest of a ISIS commander by FSA in the city of Atareb. Latest news were saying that FSA kicked out ISIS from Atareb in Idlib and the Syrian regime shelled Atareb immediately after (
Demonstration in Achrafieh, Aleppo
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Protest in Binnish today against ISIS where protesters are paying tribute to Ahrar al-Sham men killed by ISIS : « We are all the shaheed Abu Rayyan » and « We want justice against the murderers of Abu Obeida al Binnishi »
Video by Orient TV against ISIS:

تسقط داعش¨

Previous demonstrations against ISIS these past few weeks have also occurred for example in Maarat Al-NoumanIdlib, a demonstration took place on December 27 2013 calling for all the opposition forces to unite and condemning the arbitrary detention of activists and residents. Demonstrators also called for the release of all those detained by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).
“The majority of us have become wanted by two states ( the Assad regime and ISIS)”
Picture of a Kafranbel protester, after ISIS attacked their media office, the banner says “overthrow Da3ech (ISIS), raped Kafranbel” December 29 2013