All PKK and PAJK prisoners to go on hunger strike as of October 15

14 October 2012 – ANF – The indefinite and non-alternate strike of Kurdish political prisoners to be joined by all PKK and PAJK prisoners as of tomorrow.

In a written statement on behalf of all Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party (PAJK) prisoners, Deniz Kaya announced that the indefinite and non-alternate strike of 380 political prisoners in 39 prisons will be joined by all PKK and PAJK prisoners as of October 15. Kaya underlined that they will take no steps backward and added; “We will not hear the voice of any power other than our leader and the movement”, referring to Mr. Öcalan and the PKK.

Kaya stated that the ruling AKP government has been attacking on prisoners on strike and putting them in individual cells instead of taking a step to fulfill their demands for Kurdish leader’s freedom and removal of all pressures on mother language.

“It should be known very well that we will not desist from our act in the face of our leader’s isolation and the physical, political and cultural slaughter imposed on the Kurdish people by security forces of the racist AKP government”, said Kaya and pointed out that they are ready to pay any price for their freedom, leader and people. Kaya also noted that they will not accept any kind of forcible treatment or medicine during the indefinite and non-alternate strike which will be joined by all prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan as of tomorrow. Kaya continued calling on all Kurdish people and their friends, families of prisoners, sensible political parties, deputies in the parliament, non-governmental organizations, bar associations and human rights organizations to support their demands and to act in solidarity by setting freedom platforms and starting vigil actions in front of prisons with an aim to build freedom and democracy for all peoples. Kaya ended calling on torturer prison officers to end torturing Kurdish prisoners and underlined that any cruel treatment on them would bring everyone in this territory to an irreversible point.