ALEVI’S : Ahmet Turk asks Dersim Kurds to stop supporting Kemalists / Tensions in BDP

Dersim- The leader of Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Ahmet Turk, asked the residents of the Kurdish city of Dersim to stop supporting main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Addressing a ceremony held to commemorate the massacre of Kurds in Dersim Province in 1973 and 1938, Turk said: “the Kemalists (Turkey leaders and followers of Mustafa Kemal’s nationalistic ideologies) killed thousands of children, women and old people. Turkey military attacked the village of the regions and took hundreds of girls with themselves after killing thousands of innocent people.”

“Dersim Kurds, however, are still supporting the Kemalists who killed their fathers and mothers. I asked the people of the province to end their shameful behavior and leave the murderer Kemalists.” The massacre and the death of the people were commemorated by candles and leaving grenadine where the Alavi Kurds were murdered.  The 86,000- populated city has the largest rate of the educated people. Dersim owns two seats in Turkey Parliament, both run by CHP. The municipality of the city, however, is run by Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).