Al Qaida-Kurdish Fight Spreads to Aleppo Countryside Clashes erupted between an armed group and the People’s Defence Units (YPG) on 29 July killing YPG-fighter Basil Hemdî (1994) in the Kurdish district of Sheikh Maqsoud. According to the YPG, Ansar al-Islam attacked a checkpoint for the Asayish in the east of Sheikh Maqsoud and the YPG provided support to the Asayish (police).

The YPG said a dozen of members of the armed group were killed and expelled and took over their headquarters. I haven’t seen any statement by Ansar al-Islam (if anyone has their Facebook page, or info, let me know vvanwilgenburg @ gmail. c o m). Clashes also took place between ISIS/JN (Al-Qaida) and Jabhat al-Akrad (Kurds) in Tal Hasal and Tal Aran with the civilian population allegedly fleeing shelling by ISIS/JN and Jabhat al-Akrad asking civilians to stay inside their homes. The ceasefire/agreement there broke down. There have been no reports yet of fighting re-erupting in Afrin, although Kurdish parties says the area still suffers from a FSA-LT blockade.

Aleppo province: Clashes broke out between the Ansar al-Islam battalion and the Kurdish police forces in the al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood east of Aleppo city, reports of human losses from both sides. The al-Leirmon area of Aleppo city was bombarded by regular forces, reports of injuries. Clashes broke out between rebel and regular forces in the outskirts of the al-Zahra’ neighbourhood, in an attempt by rebel fighters to take hold of the area. Rebel fighters clashed with regular forces again in the M’aret al-Artiq area in the outskirts of Aleppo city, along with regime bombardment on the area. The neighbourhoods of al-Achrafiya and al-Rashidein were bombarded by regular forces with helicopter machine guns, reports of injuries. Clashes are taking place between fighters from the al-Nusra front and fighters from the Jabhet al-Akrad battalion in the Tal Hasel town of Reef Aleppo, al-Nusra front launched shells on the Tal’ran town, reports of human losses from the al-Nusra front. The towns of Tal Ref’at, Mare’ and the outskirts of the Kweiris military airport were bombareded with helicopter machine guns. The towns of al-Mansoura, Kafrda’el and Kafrhamra were bombarded by regular forces, no reports of human losses.

Video’s of fighting in Tal Hasal: