AKP prepared a report to suit itself, says BDP

ANF – ANKARA 26.11.2013 – Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Bitlis deputy Hüsamettin Zenderlioğlu spoke to ANF about the Parliamentary Resolution Commission’s report which is expected to be released on November 29.

BDP deputy Zenderlioğlu who had the chance to see the report criticized the ruling AKP government for preparing a report to suit its interests, and remarked that “After examining the report, we see that our opinions aren’t expressed in the report and our proposals aren’t taken seriously”.

Zenderlioğlu stated that the report was full of compliments for the AKP government and didn’t include even a single criticism against the government policies regarding the Kurdish question.According to BDP Bitlis deputy, the report was written from a militarist point of view and its language goes contrary to the resolution process for involving expressions such as “terror, terrorist, terror acts” and making a terrorist/martyr comparison.

Zenderlioğlu noted that the report didn’t put forward any demand for the release of ill prisoners or for the abolishment of the village guard system and the anti-terror law. “The report claims that ‘people do not want an autonomous government’, quoting only the surveys conducted by companies close to the government. It regards prohibited military zones and the building of military guard posts and dams as necessary, while it on the other hand lacks a single proposal to serve as a road map for the resolution of the Kurdish question”, he underlined and added that the BDP undoubtedly disagreed with the report and would present an alternative report highlighting the party’s opinions about it. Zenderlioğlu noted that the report also alleges that the resolution process was initiated by the AKP government and ignores the PKK’s (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and Öcalan’s role in the democratic resolution process. BDP Deputy said the report also failed to acknowledge the Wise People’s Commissions reports which -he reminded- also suggested the improvement of Öcalan’s conditions.