Syria crisis will not end without Kurds: Ahmet Turk

22.5.2013 – KURDPRESS / MESOP – The co-leader of Turkey Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Ahmet Turk, declined there would be an end to the Syria crisis without negotiating with the Kurds end accepting their pivotal role in the country.

Speaking to Reporters in Washington after his Tuesday meeting with the White House officials, Turk said he is not in the US only to discuss the pullout of the members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) from Turkey soil but to discuss the Syria crisis, too.

 “I frankly announce the Kurds are an important player in Middle East developments and no strategy can end Syria crisis without them. The Turkey peace talks (with PKK) will fail if the US and its allies seek other solutions without the Kurds,” Turk added. “The release of Abdullah Ocalan (PKK jailed leader) and 8000 PKK prisoners, receiving education in Kurdish and giving a democratic autonomy to the Kurds are our main demands which I discussed their importance with the US officials,” he added. The Kurdish leader is due to meet Turkish religious scholar Fathullah Gulen, Turkish prominent religious scholar, during his 4-day visit to the US.