Ahmet Turk asks Europe to remove PKK from terror list

Strasbourg MESOP / KURDPRESS – 18.4.2013 –  France- The chief of Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Ahmet Turk, asked the European Union to remove the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) from its terrorist list and back the peace process in Turkey.

“The European Union labeled many militant groups in international terror list but later has changed mind and removed them from the list. An example is Palestine Free Movement,” Turk said yesterday in the European parliament headquarters in Strasbourg, adding that the Kurds expect the union to remove PKK from the list as many changes have occurred in the region in the recent years. “I ask all leaders and officials of the EU members to back the peace talks in Turkey and pursue the rights of the Kurds,” he added, confirming that 90 percent of Kurds and 58 percent of the Turks in Turkey support the talks, something he said has doubled hopes of achieving a concrete result.