Washington refuses Kurdish Supreme Body participation in Geneva 2

27.6.2013 – Lebanese al- Safir newspaper said that the United States of America expressed its rejection of the participation of representatives of the Kurdish Supreme Body at the Geneva Conference.

This came, during a session of the consultations held in the Swiss capital on Tuesday in the presence of Ambassador Robert Ford and Mikhail Bogdanov.

The newspaper also said  that the U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford refused the participation of  a Kurdish delegation from the Kurdish Supreme Body , as the National Coalition opposition, includes Kurdish members  able to speak on behalf of the Syrian Kurdish opposition, pointing out that the United States do not want multiple delegations of  the opposition, but want a delegation from the coalition including  military men, and that the coalition must ensure the presence of a harmonious and strong delegation.

The newspaper pointed out that Russia responded to the American proposal and said that the proposal Abdul Basit Sida to be a representative of the Kurds in the delegation of the opposition, is not realistic, and he represents only himself.