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Information Dossier on the Kurdish Politician Adem Uzun

 Letter by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
 Statement by the Belgian lawyer (French and English)
 Press Release from Kurdish Human Rights Action Group
(KHRAG), South Africa
 Press Release from Peace in Kurdistan Campaign &
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)
 Press Release from Kurdistan National Congress
 French prosecutor: Tayyip Erdoğan talking nonsense –

What you can do?

Dear …
Mr Adem Uzun who is a diplomat committee member of the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress), was arrested when travelling to Paris on October 6th of this year. He is accused of being’ a member and an executive of a foreign terrorist organisation’. This accusation could be very interesting and worrying for those who are not familiar with the Kurdish issue. On the other hand, for those who are familiar with the Kurdish issue and the Kurds themselves, this is indeed not a strange or a new phenomenon.

If you are a Kurd and /or struggling for the freedom of Kurds, a similar thing is expected to happen to you at some stage of your life. Currently, there are some 15,000 people and politicians (including democratically elected MPs, mayors, member of local parliaments etc.) in Turkish, Iranian and Syrian prisons.

Furthermore, there are some political Kurdish prisoners in European countries jails.

Mr Adem Uzun is 42 years old and is a university graduate. He lived in Germany where he completed all his education up until he graduated from university. Since the early days of his life as a student, he has contributed greatly in the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people. He always lived and worked in Europe. Since the KNK was established, Mr Uzun has always worked in external relations to introduce the Kurdish issue to the world and has represented the KNK at certain levels in diplomatic meetings. All his efforts have been in the legal arena. Despite all his peaceful work, the Turkish State has accused him of being a member of a terrorist organisation and sought an Interpol notice to arrest him.

No matter what the accusations are, Mr Uzun’s arrest by France is in line with Turkey’s ongoing policies. The actual fact is that Mr Uzun is working in cooperation with the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Therefore, the reason that he has been arrested is a political one. This proves that France is serving Turkey’s interests and as a result it created a scenario in order to arrest Mr Uzun.

A week before Mr Uzun’s arrest, the Turkish Prime Minister had announced that France and Germany are not supporting Turkey sufficiently. Right after that announcement, Mr Uzun was arrested by the French authorities. Furthermore, the French public prosecutor Thierry Fragnoli who authorised Mr Uzun’s arrest had replied to the Turkish Prime Minister via press as if he was a political figure, stressing that, ‘France, with its professional team, has operated against the PKK since 2006 and therefore the Turkish
Prime Minister’s criticisms are not fair’. After Mr Uzun’s arrest, Turkey had put in a formal request to France to surrender Mr Uzun to them. The above facts are proof that Mr Uzun’s arrest was the result of a ‘political process’ rather than a simple matter of justice.

Mr Adem Uzun is a Kurdish diplomat and politician. All the claims made about him are incorrect, unfair and injustice. Therefore, he should be set free immediately. We request you to be sensitive about his arrest and support us for Mr Uzun’s immediate release.
We believe that you will make an effort in cooperation with us. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you in advance for your effort and your sensitivity.

Sincerely Yours,
KNK Executive Council

English version

Statement from Selma Benkhelifa, the Belgium lawyer of Adem Uzun
Adem Uzun case

Adem Uzun was arrested in France on 6 October 2012. On October 8, the media -informed by judiciary
sources and police – accused him of being a leader of the PKK and of trying to buy weapons in France.
Two comments must be made: firstly, the secret of the investigations has clearly been violated and secondly,
the presumption of innocence of Mr Uzun is also violated.

It is difficult for a lawyer to respond to these accusations, because of professional secrecy.

However, some things must be said.

First, Adem Uzun denies being a PKK member. The file contains no evidence to prove otherwise. A
conflationis made between the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) to which he belongs and the PKK.
Thisconflationis not based on any evidence.

Second, there are no charges of weapons trafficking against Mr Uzun. He is charged with belonging to a
criminal association with terrorist aims, namely the PKK.

Finally it seems that Mr Uzun had been trapped and he did nothing forbidden by law.
French justice cannot be exploited for political purposes and must imperatively maintain its distance from a
conflation driven by political motives that do not concern it.
Affaire Adem Uzun
Adem Uzun a été arrêté en France le 6 octobre 2012. Le 8 octobre, les médias- informés par des sources
judiciaires et policières- l’accusaient d’être un dirigeant du PKK et d’avoir cherché à acheter des armes en
Deux commentaires doivent être faits : d’une part, le secret de l’instruction a manifestement été violé et
d’autre part, la présomption d’innocence de Monsieur Uzun est également violée.
Il est difficile pour son avocat de répondre à toutes ces accusations, en raison du secret professionnel.
Toutefois, certaines choses doivent être dites.
Premièrement, Adem Uzun nie toute appartenance au PKK. Le dossier ne contient aucun élément tendant à
prouver le contraire. Un amalgame est fait entre le Congrès National du Kurdistan (KNK) dont il fait partie et
le PKK. Cet amalgame ne repose sur aucune preuve.
Ensuite, il n’y a aucune inculpation de trafic d’armes contre Monsieur Uzun. Il est inculpé pour appartenance
à une association de malfaiteurs à finalité terroriste, à savoir appartenance au PKK.
Enfin il semble que Monsieur Uzun est été piégé et qu’il n’a en réalité aucun fait délictueux à se reprocher.
La justice française ne peut pas être instrumentalisée à des fins politiques et doit impérativement prendre ses
distances par rapport aux amalgames induis pour des raisons politiques qui ne la concernent pas.
Selma Benkhelifa, avocat belge

19 October, 2012
Press Release: For immediate release

The EUTCC calls upon the French authorities for the immediate release of Adem Uzun, a
leading official of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) headquartered in Brussels.
His arrest is clearly a political attempt to curry favor with the Turkish authorities who had
just complained that France and Germany were not supporting Turkey’s campaign
against the PKK and its so-called terrorism in Europe. Far from being a terrorist, Adem
Uzun was arrested in Paris where he was preparing to attend a peaceful conference on the
Kurdish situation in Syria.

The detention of Adem Uzun comes at a most inappropriate time as he was actively
campaigning to renew negotiations with Turkey to help solve the long-running Kurdish
problem in that state. Indeed Adem Uzun’s arrest appears all the more unfortunate
because he was one of the Kurdish officials who earlier had met in Oslo with Turkish
officials from 2009 to 2011 in an attempt to start negotiations for peace. Adem Uzun has
been working untiring and constructively in the search for a peaceful settlement based on
justice and respect for everyone’s rights inside Turkey. Turkish authorities should value
theses diplomatic efforts for peace and honour him instead of incarcerating him. Turkey’s
negative response and France’s unfortunate support of it has dealt a blow to this initiative
for peace and should be immediately corrected. The Kurdish problem in Turkey cannot
be solved by arresting and detaining its peace negotiators.

Kariane Westrheim Michael Gunter Hans Branscheidt Judge Essa Moosa
Chair of EUTCC Secretary general Board of Directors Board of Directors


The arrest and detention by the French authorities of Adem Uzun, a leading member of the the
Kurdish community and a human rights activists, is a violation of his fundamental human
rights. These human rights are contained in the European Convention for the Protection of
Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. It includes the freedom of movement and the
freedom of expression. We demand his immediate and unconditional release.

Adem Uzun who is an authority on the Kurdish issue in the Middle East and more particularly
in Turkey, was on the way to brief certain French parliamentarians on the situation in Syria.
The arrest of Adem Uzun can only be interpreted as political and the French government is
seeking to appease the Turkish authorities. The Turkish authorities has in the past purveyed
false information to certain European countries resulting in certain Kurdish activists being
harassed, arrested and detained unlawfully.

The detention of Adem Uzun is not only sinister but also inopportune as he is actively
involved in the campaign for renewed negotiations between the Turkish government and the
Kurdish people. He was intimately involved in the Oslo peace initiative. Rather than place
leaders such as Adem Uzun in detention, the French government should be supporting his
effort to bring a resolution to the Kurdish question in Turkey.

Adem Uzun has been working closely with the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group to bring
about the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question in Turkey. The Kurdish Human Rights
Action Group accordingly calls on the French government to immediately release Adem Uzun
and request the Turkish government to resume negotiations with the Kurdish people for a
speedy settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

Contact KHRAG Office
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Peace in Kurdistan Campaign & Campaign Against Criminalising Communities
Release Kurdish political campaignerAdemUzun!
Press statement, 20 October 2012

We unreservedly support members of the Kurdish community who are protesting outside the French parliament today. They are protesting against the unjust and
provocative arrest of Kurdish political campaigner and strategist, Mr AdemUzun, on 6th October and the intensification of the French state’s arrest and detention operations
against Kurds. According to the reports of the ANF News Agency, over 200 Kurdish asylum seekers have been taken into custody by French police for political reasons since
2007. The Ahmet Kaya Kurdish Cultural Centre in Paris has been closed by a Paris criminal court.

AdemUzun, a leading official of the Kurdish National Congress (KNK), was on a peace mission to attend a conference in the French parliament to discuss the future of Kurds in
Syria. He was arrested following Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdoğan’s comments in an interview on 27 September that ‘some main European countries such as
Germany and France allowed “terrorist leaders” to freely live in their countries,’ (ANF, 17 October).

It is scandalous to see political campaigners who are striving to find peaceful diplomatic solutions to desperate situations that the Kurds face in countries, such as Syria and
Turkey,subjected to arrest as ‘terrorists’ as a result of pressure from the US and Turkish governments. Adem’s statement in the European Parliament on 29 January 2009
remains as relevant today as it was then, given that the ruling AKP party in Turkey has campaigners, journalists, lawyers, trade unionists and civil society activists in the name
of the “anti-KCK ‘terrorist’ operations”:
“It is unfortunate that those profiting from the war in Turkey are being allowed to continue escalating it. There is no limit and boundary for these actions. As much as 80%
of incidents that are taking place in Kurdistan do not get reported in the press. There is bombardment in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) every day. Dust and smoke raised
by US and Turkish planes reach the sky, where it joins with that raised by Iranian cannon fire. All civilian Kurdish people in the region are forced to live in fear and panic. What we
have here is a grand-scale brutality and intra-state terrorism. Secret meetings to liquidate the Kurdish freedom movement are continuously being held. This approach
will not only fail to solve the problem, but it will also shed more blood.

the EU countries do not act on this matter *positively+”.

Instead, politicians like Adem–who are seeking to halt the influence of war profiteers and seeking to find a peaceful resolution to the oppressive situation in Turkey and Syria
– find themselves unjustly criminalised and targeted on the absurd grounds of “suspicion of being involved in the purchase of anti-tank missiles,” (Reuters, 12 October). Adem’s
targeting in France follows the shameful ‘guidance’ provided by the US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which earlier had, equally
shamefully, sought to criminalise him, this time on the grounds of ‘drug trafficking’.
As the EU Union Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) had commented on the matter at the time: “These outrageous, unproven accusations are just a new way of trying to
criminalise well known Kurdish personalities and limiting their legitimate political activities … The new name appearing on the list is Mr AdemUzun. MrUzun has been
working politically on the Kurdish question for years. His impressive diplomatic capability and the way he represents the Kurdish issue and the Kurds on an international
level, and particularly within the EU sphere, has helped pave the way toward promoting peaceful Kurdish diplomacy in Europe. It is obvious that the reason for the US officials’
accusations is not drug-trafficking but rather to inhibit the successful and effectual diplomatic representation of the Kurds in Europe, the US and elsewhere. Well-known
Kurdish diplomats are being criminalised and efforts made to compel Interpol to hunt them. In this way the USA and Turkey” – and now, clearly, the French government – “are
trying to stop the peace process in Turkey, to which Kurdish politicians in Turkey and Europe contribute the most.

‘’The fanciful unproven accusations by the US OFAC are simply made to stop well-known and acknowledged Kurdish politicians and spokespersons from travelling abroad and
thereby hinder their further contact with the international media and legal institutions, particularly within the Schengen area”.

We reiterate the solidarity call that the EUTCC made when AdemUzun was criminalised by the US OFAC: “We call on political bodies, parliamentarian co-operation partners and
NGOs in Europe – who work with these named Kurdish politicians (particularly Mr AdemUzun) for a transparent political and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question in
Turkey – to send out a letter of confidence and support which takes a stand against these unproven accusations”.

We call for AdemUzun’s immediate and unconditional release.
For information contact:
Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
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Fax: 020 7263 0596
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Announcement from the Executive Kurdistan National Congress Council

The executive member of Kurdistan National Congress Mr Adam Uzun was arrested by French police without any reason on 10th Oct 2012.
The executive Kurdistan National Congress Council condemns this arrestment as it is legally unjustified.

Mr Adam Uzum as an executive member of Kurdistan National Congress was on his way to participate in a conferenced related to West Kurdistan’s situation supposed to hold in French Parliament on 13 Oct 2012. Turkish government in every ways demands the EU governments to prevent Kurdish politician activities. Recently Turkish PM Erdogan labelled Germany and France as they are not supporting Turkey in blocking Kurdish activists. France by arresting Adam Uzun has fulfilled the Turkey’s demand and this will corrupt the EU’s democracy system. Thierry Fragnoli has been known previously against Kurdish movement and as he ordered the arrestment of Adam Uzun too. Thierry Fragnoli after arresting Adam Uzun announced that “he does not understand why Turkish government is not happy about them”. This means that Turkish government is not
telling the truth, as France already by arresting Adam Uzun proved their supports to Turkish government.

The speech of Thierry Fragnoli is a significant proven that arresting Adam Uzun has been organised by the supporting French with Turkish government. This is not going to be acceptable by Kurdish people.

A part of population Kurds are participating politically and economically among all EU’s countries.
Kurds also are dealing peacefully with their political agenda and their own human right within the EU legality. EU governments shouldn’t obey Turkish government to prevent Kurdish political movement within their countries. Turkish government is trying to bring their antidemocratic politics to EU. In this case EU became partner with Turkish antidemocratic politics. EU and specially France should stop this criminalised polices in their countries.

Arresting Mr Adam Uzun is a political agenda against Kurds. Kurdistan National Congress demands that France to release Adam Uzun as soon as possible and apologise from Kurdistan National Congress and Kurdish people.

Kurdistan National Congress is expecting from the Kurds and their solidarities to protest French government in France and the entire world by putting French government until the release of Mr Adam Uzun.

The Executive of Kurdistan National Congress Council
Bruxelles, 10.10.2012
01.10.2012 16:56

French prosecutor: Tayyip Erdogan talking nonsense

During his appearance on a tv programme, the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said; France and Germany do not help us against PKK terrorist organization. Germany does not want this problem to be end. France does not want this problem to be end. This comments angered prosecutor Thierry Fragnoli, who deal with PKK cases for about 6
Lyon – Paris anti-terror prosecutor Thierry Fragnoli, in a written statement to the press; I am one of the eight prosecutors within anti-terror unit working full- time on this cases. 3 other prosecutors also working part-time on PKK cases. 28 constables also looking to the PKK cases. The prosecutor also admitted that the most PKK militants has
been arrested and imprisoned in France since 2006. Fragnoli; he is very offended to the Erdogan’s comments and explained this to the Turkish Embassy in Paris in a non-diplomatic statement. The embassy did not want to make the issue bigger and explained to me that the Prime Minister Erdogan talking in general terms. Fragnoli; i did not believed their explanation as Prime Minister Erdogan’s comments very clear. At the end they say whatever they want to say if they not satisfied. Exactly like our politicians, Turkish Politicians also talking nonsense sometimes. But this time i can not tolerate his comments.

Fransız savcı: Tayyip Erdoğan saçmalıyor 01/10/2012 16:56

Başbakan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’ın katıldığı bir televizyon programında, “Fransa ve Almanya PKK terör örgütüne karşı bize yardım etmiyor. Almanya bu sorunun bitmesini istemiyor. Fransa bu sorunun bitmesini istemiyor” sözleri Fransa’da 6 yıldır PKK ile uğraşan savcı Thierry Fragnoli’nin tepkisine neden oldu.

LYON – Paris antiterör savcısı Thierry Fragnoli basına yaptığı yazılı açıklamada, 2006 yılından bu yana antiterör
biriminde bulunan 8 savcıdan birisi olarak tam zamanlı bu işe baktığını vurguladı. Fragnoli, diğer 3 savcı arkadaşı ve
bir de yardımcı hakimin yarım zamanlı bu işle ilgilendiğini ve 28 komiserin sadece PKK konusunda çalıştığını söyledi.
2006 yılından bu yana Fransa ’nın en çok PKK militanını yakalayarak, yargıladığını ve hapse attığını belirten savcı
Fragnoli, yapılan bu açıklamaya çok gücendiğini, durumu hiç de diplomatik olmayan deyimler ile Türkiye ’nin Paris
Büyükelçiliği’ne anlattığını söyledi. Büyükelçiliğin olayı büyütmemeye çalıştığını ve Başbakan Erdoğan ’ın genel
terimler ile konuştuğunu anlattıklarını belirten Thierry Fragnoli, buna inanmadığını ve Başbakan Erdoğan’ın
konuşmasının gayet net olduğunu belirtti. “Sonuç olarak onlar memnun olmadıklarında ağızlarına geleni söylüyorlar”
diyen savcı “Aynen bizim politikacılar gibi, Türk politikacılar da bazen saçmalıyorlar. Fakat bu sefer söylenenleri
gerçekten hazmedemiyorum” dedi.(dha)
( )

What can you do?

Speak out against the arrest of Adem Uzun and demand his immediate release.
Write a press release in his support and in protest at what is a highly politically motivated and illegal arrest.
Write to French government representatives (see details below) and call for the immediate release of Adem Uzun; explain to them how he has been playing a
constructive role in the search for peace between Turkey and the Kurds.
If you met and have known Adem personally, please give your impressions of his personality, his political commitment and motivations and the circumstances in
which you have known him.
Further, please call on French political representatives to end the criminalisation of the Kurds and their legitimate organisations.

We thank you in advance for your interest and support.

The Minister of Justice:
Mme Christiane TAUBİRA
Garde des sceaux, Ministre de la Justice
13 place Vendôme
7501 Paris – France
To the Prime Minister:
Mr Jean-Marc AYRAULT
Premier Ministre
Hôtel de Matignon
57 rue Varenne
75007 Paris – France
To the Home Secretary:
Mr Manuel VALLS
Ministre de l’intérieur
Place Beauvau
75800 Paris – France