We have had already announced to the public that the prisoners; Zihni Koç , Abdullah Söpçeler, Kemal Ekinci, Nadir Özgen, Kenan Erenoğlu, Reşat Çaçan, Ramazan Başaran ve Hadi Gizli, will be freed after a call made by our Leader, and a request made by the KCK Executive Council.The prisoners will be freed and handed over to a delegation on 13 March, 2013, tomorrow.

The HPG Central Commandment – 12 March, 2013


The month of March is important in the history people of Kurdistan. It is the entrance to the New Year (Newroz) and innovations, and also holds the International Women’s Day. For sure it has been a month of demarche in Kurdistan, but at the same time various massacres such as Halabja and Qamişlo have been experienced by the Kurdish people in this month.

On 12th March 2004, an attack was held by the Arab chauvinism under the control of the Baath regime. This was the largest slaughter done on Kurds in Western Kurdistan (Rojava) after the massacre of Amûdê’s Cinema (In 1960 in the town of Amûdê in Western part of Kurdistan the Kurdish kids were gathered in the cinema hole and the building was set on fire. This event resulted in death of 283 kids). At the 9th anniversary of this brutal massacre, once again, we strongly condemn all the forces caused that event. We commemorate all our heroic martyrs lost their lives in that massacre and we salute the revolutionary resistance raised toward the ideology of martyrs by our people in Western Kurdistan. 

Aganist the Qamişlo massacre, from Derîk to Kobanî, from Kobanî to Efrîn, all the people in Western Kurdistan stake out a claim for their martyrs. Despite the difficult circumstances, people expanded the resistance all over the western part of Kurdistan. Surely, this is an attitude of dignity, an admirable heroic resistance and patriotism. Being the indomitable followers of 12th March resistance and martyrs, the patriot people of Western Kurdistan laid the foundation of today’s revolutionary output by developing the line of resistance. On the basis of that spirit of resistance, our people in Western part of the country built “the High Commission (Desteya Bilind)” in the political ground and YPG in defense plan. Today we came to a stage that this process runs towards being an epic resistance which will led the people of Western Kurdistan to achieve their just rights.

Under these circumstances, the colonialists observe that their sovereignty is endangered. Therefore they cannot tolerate any kind of development in Western Kurdistan and attack from all sort of ways. The colonialist system in Kurdistan, notably Turkish colonialism got into a flap in the face of the developments in Western Kurdistan. For this reason, by using all its power and pouring large sums of Money, the colonialism does its best to create a Kurdish-Arab conflict. At the same time this colonialism put its spies (hired and organized with money) into operation to destroy the Kurdish unity and start an internal war within the Kurdish people.

Our people in Western Kurdistan, who have shown great altruism till now for the sake of freedom, could grow heroes like Comrades Rustem and Şîlan. No doubt that our valuable people will be aware of those kinds of games and give necessary answer to these attacks with their unity and patriotism. In this historical process where the freedom struggle entering into a new phase in Western Kurdistan, we emphasize that the success of our people in West is the success of all Kurdish people and as well as the people of Syria.

The freedom struggle carried out by our people in Western Kurdistan is also the struggle of all Syrian people for freedom and democracy. Today in Syrian a large scaled war and conflict continuing and has national, regional and international dimensions. In this war the democratic-emancipatory Kurdish movement insists on a political solution, not based on military solution. Such a perspective provides solving all problems including the Kurdish question within the framework of a Democratic Syria has been very accurate and valuable. An attitude that has been only militarily based on self-defense, and representing a third line by not being on the side of both parties in the conflict and, aiming a democratic change in Syria, today has become an axis, which claims the interests of all the peoples of Syria.

The process that developed within the last two years as well as the conflict experienced during this time has shown that a solution in Syria will not be attained through violence. This is because the conflict in Syria is not only a conflict between the people of Syria but also between regional and international powers. This is why the impasse is getting more profound and the long-suffering peoples of Syria have been harmed the most in this conflict. This is why it is imperative that a political solution is found to the conflict in between the Syrian regime and the oppositional forces without a delay. In a political solution process that will progress within the framework outlined above the Kurds need to give their active support and play an active role in the re-construction of the new-democratic Syria based on Kurdish autonomy.

At such a historical moment the Kurdish people should be aware of those who would like to provoke things and thus have a stance against them as well as strengthening their unity. It is also of utmost importance and a significant political stance to enhance the unity between whether Sunni or Alawite all the Arabic people and the Kurds, Druze, Armenian and Assyrian and Syriac people. This is the only basis upon which a new-democratic Syria can be built and its unity can be defended. Thus all the political circles of Syria should own up to the real interests of the Syrian people and not sacrifice Syria to the interests of powers outside of Syria and have the historical responsibility to build the new-democratic Syria on these basis.  

12 March is also the day when the Turkish colonialism committed a massacre against the Kurdish and Alevi people in 1995 in the Suburb of Gazi, Istanbul/Turkey. We condemn the colonialist ruling forces who perpetrated this wretched massacre and we commemorate our precious martyrs who fell but staged a huge resistance. We give our word that we shall commemorate them in the struggle to build a real democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan. The common struggle of the suppressed Alevi and Kurdish people shall be the greatest force in the re-construction of the future and this common struggle shall keep the memory of martyrs alive. 

This day is also the anniversary of the 12 March 1971 military warning sent to the government. The 1971 warning sent to the government was a time when the tradition of coups within the Republic of Turkey made its present the most felt. This period has paved the way to eliminate the revolutionary movements led by Deniz, Mahir and Ibrahim who were leaders that made extreme sacrifices and had greatly believed in freedom, socialism and democracy. At such a time when the mentality of tradition of coup is still on the agenda and is the greatest obstacles before democracy and freedoms we condemn this coup tradition and mentality at the anniversary of the 12 March 1971 warning sent to the government. We commemorate with respect and gratefulness for all the martyrs who had resisted this coup mentality and all forms of fascism at the beginning of the 1970s in the personage of Deniz, Mahir and Ibrahim. Their memory has always and shall continue to give strength for our freedom struggle. 

Our leader Apo has requested us to take a step, as a first step, in order to ensure the success of the new process initiated in Turkey and Kurdistan. For this first step, the decision to release those captive under the control of the HPG has become conclusive. The captives are as follows: 1 district governor candidate, 8 state officials, 7 of which are soldiers. In the next few days in the event that the concerned delegations who can deliver these captives safely and soundly to their families arrive then the captives will be released and assisted to reach their families. 




The Uludere Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, established to investigate the Roboski Massacre, has announced its report 15 months after the massacre took place.

Although all details of the massacre is clearly present in the state records and archives the report does not state who actually did and who were responsible for this savage massacre. Instead of stating the obvious, the report states the reason for this massacre to be due to “a lack of coordination between institutions”. It is clear that such an explanation is nothing but ridiculing the suffering of our people. Indeed the Roboski Massacre should be evaluated within the context of the annihilation attacks based on the Sri Lanka model against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. The aim of this massacre was to intimidate and terrorize the people of Kurdistan. Thus it is clear that the AKP government, who wanted to deveop a similar Sri Lankan model against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, is politically responsible for this massacre. However all should know that no report or any other document can cover up this massacre or hide the crime committed against humanity by the government, Turkish General Staff and the Air Force Command. 

The logic and mentality, with which this report has been written, is to both to cover up and hide this massacre but also by saying “due to lack of coordination between the concerned forces” it attempts to vindicate and lessen this crime against humanity committed before the who world and thus legitimize it.  It is clear that the decision of confidentiality on the report is to conceal the massacre and the murderers. 

A short while ago, on 10 February 2013, a youth from Kurdistan in the city of Amed named Şahin Öner was murdered before a crowd was crushed to death by a panzer. However the police who was responsible for this crime was brought to court as a witness. This is another indication of how the Turkish state does not have any respect for the rights of the Kurdish people stemming from being a nation and continues with its denial policies as well as the fact that right to life is also not respected. This report has once again clearly shown their mentality of “The best Kurd is a dead Kurd”. To date, no act committed against the Kurdish people, each of them having the attributes of genocide, has ever really been defined nor have those responsible been identified or punished. This is clearly the Turkish state’s practice of the colonial legal system in Kurdistan.

The Uludere Sub-Committee’s report reflects the mentality, spirit and policies of the Turkish state in the crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Kurds to date. Up until today, none of the massacres have been exposed and the state has not apologized for any one of them. The approach to the Roboski Massacre has been no different. Therefore this report has murdered the youth from Roboski once again and at the same time it is an attempt to intimidate the Kurdish people yet again.

The Uludure Sub-Committee’s report comes shortly after the Primer Minister of the Turkish state, Tayyip Erdoğan, has said the following “the mothers should not cry, for peace to come we are taking on responsibility, if be it I will swallow hemlock poison”. Despite such words MPs from his own party has opted for such a report that covers up and legitimizes the perpetrators of the Roboski Massacre. Thus the above words from the Prime Minister becomes quite dubious amongst the people of Kurdistan and peace wanting- democratic circles. In fact, by hiding these perpetrators the AKP has shown that it has no intention to confront the crimes committed against the Kurdish people historically and thus is still a long way off from giving assurance to the Kurdish people that their existence and freedom will be recognized. 

The fact that such a report is announced at a time when talks with Peoples Leader of Kurdistan President Apo is continuing and our leader has presented the leadership of the movement with a new road map for a democratic solution is nothing but an act of sabotage of all these efforts. The announcement of the report was postphoned and delayed until today; it is clear that such a banal cunningness is aimed at preventing and minimizing the possible reactions. Therefore it is not possible for the people of Kurdistan to accept such a report. 

On this basis, we call on all the patriotic people of Kurdistan to protest this report that attempts to cover up all those politically and militarily responsible for this massacre, that is those who have actually done it and those who have ordered it, as well as the attempt to legitimize the massacre and intimidate the people of Kurdistan. We also call on all the jurists from Kurdistan and all over the world, as well as all the humanitarian circles to take a stance against this report and to start a new process with an aim to clarify how the massacre took place.