Activists: Kurdish YPG Militia Attacked National Hospital in Azaz


Opposition activists claim that the Kurdish militia YPG attacked the National Hospital in the town of Azaz, in northwest Syria near the Turkish border, in an offensive on Friday against rebels.Eaworldview – 13 Feb 2016 – Rebels claim that they repelled the YPG assault, which followed a Kurdish advance this week with the capture of nearby villages and the Menagh airbase.

Abu Mohammed al-Halabi, a nurse in the National Hospital, said equipment was moved to the village of Shammarin near the border.The hospital is one of the largest in opposition-held areas of Aleppo Province, with four operating rooms, almost 30 doctors, and dozens of nurses.The hospital was partially closed after it was hit by a Russian airstrike last month. It resumed services, but on a reduced scale.Russia’s bombing has damaged and closed hospitals throughout the province, including the main hospital near Azaz and two inside Aleppo city.