ACTION : E-petition for recognition of genocide against Kurds in Iraq


ERBIL, August 23 (AKnews) – British MP Nadhim Zahawi has created an e-petition in the British government in a bid to get recognition of the genocide against Kurds in Iraq. Zahawi wrote in the petition: “We urge the government to recognise formally the genocide against the people of Iraqi Kurdistan and to encourage the EU and UN to do likewise. This will enable Kurdish people, many in the UK, to achieve justice for their considerable loss.

“It would also enable Britain, the home of democracy and freedom, to send out a message of support for international conventions and human rights.”

The MP also said: “The genocide, which was perpetrated over decades and known collectively as Anfal, began with the Arabisation of villages around Kirkuk in 1963. It involved the deportation and disappearance of Faylee Kurds in the 1970s-80s, the murder of 8,000 male Barzanis in 1983, the use of chemical weapons in the late 1980s, most notably against Halabja, and finally the Anfal campaign of 1987-88. “Hundreds of thousands of innocent people perished, families were torn apart, with continuing health problems, and 4,500 villages were destroyed between 1976 and 1988, undermining the potential of Iraqi Kurdistan’s agricultural resources.”