ABDULHAMID DARWISH : Muslim Brotherhood destabilizing Syria Kurdistan

MESOP 1. 1.12012 – The Leader of Syrian Pro-Kurdish Leading Democratic Party, Abdulhamid Darwish, blamed Turkey government and Muslim Brotherhood for destabilizing the Kurdish regions of the country. He blamed some Syrian groups and lines for stopping short of accepting Syrian Kurdish problems and finding a solution for it and said: “Syria people will not follow racial outlooks and would throw them away.”

He further blamed Turkey policies in Syria Kurdistan and asked Syrian National council (SNC) not to pursue Ankara policies against Kurds, Kurdish news reported. Darwish further said both Kurds National Council (KNC) and Kurds High Council will attend in the upcoming national alliance conferences in one group. Darwish further lashed out at Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-Kurdish policies in Syria. The Kurdish leader also blamed Kurdistan Region’s dual policies and its relations with Turkey and criticized Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for shutting its borders with Syria down.