Abdulhamid Darwish in Geneve – Blaming PYD

25-1-2014 – Kurdpress – Syria Kurdish politician to attend in Syria opposition- government meeting. – A Syrian Kurdish political leader is due to attend in the meeting that is due to be held between Syria opposition and the government, Rudaw said.

The leader of Syria pro-Kurdish Leading Democrat Party, Abdulhamid Darwish, is scheduled to be one of the Syrian opposition officials that is planned to meet Syria government delegation in Geneva II. The Kurdish leader met in a delegation headed by main opposition Syria Nation council (SNC) leader Ahmad Asi al-Jarba, with the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the UN Secretary Geneva Ban Ki-Moon. Syria Kurds have faced sever oppressions in the past 50 years and now they demand their rights, Darwish told reporters after the meeting, blaming pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) leader Salih Muslim who said the Kurds are not in Geneva II, a conference that is planned to end Syria war.