Abdulbaset Sieda asks Syria Kurds to join SNC / Support by Barzani

Kurdpress 19.6.2013 – The former chief of opposition Syria National Council (SNC), Abdulbaset Sieda asked the Kurdish parties of the country to join the council, Anatolia news agency said.“I came in Erbil again to demand the Syrian Kurdish parties to join Syria opposition national council and support us against president Bashar al- Assad,” Sieda Said.

He added he has held meetings with Syria Kurds National Council and received Kurdistan Region’s president Massoud Barzani support.

A number of Kurdish parties leaders joined us in Istanbul and other cities but later distanced, he further said, adding that the right of the Kurds in opposition organization of Syria is kept. Sieda demanded the Kurds to join them and fight against Assad government. He further expressed his worry about the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region. Speaking to KurdPress last month Sieda asked Kurdish armed forces, especially the People’s Defense Units (YPG), military branch of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), to join the appositions and fight against Bashar al- Assad. The Kurdish forces, however, have always demised request to join the oppositions as they believe the opposition body does not recognize their rights.