We once again condemn the October 9th International Conspiracy against our leader Abdullah Öcalan, the Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people on its 14th anniversary; and commemorate all the fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives to thwart the conspiracy in the name of freedom.

As we leave behind the 14th year of the conspiracy which led to the imprisonment of our leader on Imrali, it is evident and can be said that the aims of the conspiratorial powers have been thwarted by the unparalleled resistance of our leader, people and movement. Since the beginning of the conspiracy, the Kurdish people have supported and defended their leader under the slogans, ‘You Cannot Eclipse Our Sun’ and ‘Your Life is Our Life, Your Freedom Our Freedom;’ and by forming a sacrificial fire with self-immolations, developing the resistance all around the world they have brought the conspiratorial powers and Turkish state to account.

However it is also a fact that despite being thwarted, the conspiracy has not been totally defeated. In this 14 year period the fascist Turkish state has intensified the isolation of our leader and targeted him, disregarding all legal, moral and conscientious values. The Turkish state has expected to gain from all these policies and has not accepted and approached any of our leader’s projects for democratization positively. Instead it has insisted on the elimination and annihilation of our movement and gradually developed a full-scale war. From 2009 onwards the state has begun a witch hunt and political genocide campaign under the banner of the KCK (Union of Communities in Kurdistan) case and targeted the Kurdish people, legal democratic opposition and all circles that have not joined but resisted against the AKP’s fascistic policies. This has been supplemented by full-scale military operations against guerrilla forces. Furthermore the isolation on Imrali has intensified and in reaction to the unlawful practice of big-brother type visits our leader has started a resistance by not accepting visitors.

The AKP state has begun a full-scale war of annihilation against our leader, movement, people and the future of our peoples; in return our movement has retaliated in a legitimate war of self-defense. Struggling against the ‘Revolutionary Resistance Drive’ we began in July 2012, the Turkish state is now once again making hollow promises and tactical maneuvers to divert and weaken our people’s and guerrilla’s resistance. The recent and extraordinary visit of our leader’s family to Imrali, and statements made by certain government officials regarding a return to the Imrali and Oslo Meetings are being turned into a political attack to weaken us, not bring about a solution. It must be known that without the ‘health, security and freedom of movement’ conditions of our leader being met; nothing the AKP state says will have political weight or a positive response from the Kurdish people or our movement.

To continue the International Conspiracy against our movement and prevent the Kurdish people benefiting from developments in the Middle East, the AKP, in return for support from international powers, has become a sub-contractor for them and is preparing for a regional war. The military bill accepted in parliament recently is proof that the AKP is ready for all possible outcomes regarding the Kurdish people and if necessary would engage in regional conflict. The sole aim of the AKP is to invigorate the thwarted international conspiracy and eliminate the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Despite losing a great amount of support, the AKP is insisting on dangerous policies. We do not expect a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue from this type of mentality and neither should anyone else. Furthermore the speech made by PM Erdogan at the AKP’s annual congress has made clear his thoughts and intentions.

It is the fundamental responsibility of all Turkish and Kurdish patriots and democrats to put an end to this craziness which will deepen the war, endanger the existence of the Kurdish people, eliminate our Movement and have a catastrophic impact on Turkey. In this sense, the revolutionary attack begun by our movement is a response and way of ending the war policies of the AKP. This revolutionary surge has shown once again that the Turkish state’s policy of violence is doomed to failure; it has also led to important results. Furthermore, this attack has been significant step on the way to defeating the international conspiracy. This will only be possible with the freedom of our leader and a status for the Kurdish people; which will in itself lead to a peaceful solution.

Today, in its 15th year, the people of Kurdistan have begun an important drive to end the International Conspiracy once and for all and free their leader Abdullah Öcalan. The great labour, sacrifice and heroism of the past 14 years and the change of paradigm and growth of our movement have brought us to the final stages of this momentous struggle. This is why our people and friends must on this day condemn the October 9th Conspiracy, and make this year, the year of success.

The Kurdish people in Europe who have begun The ‘Freedom for Öcalan signature campaign,’ ‘The freedom sit-in’ and the ‘bus tours’ must be aware that their efforts are extremely important, and must work hard to achieve significant results. We also salute the indefinite hunger-strikes that have begun in prisons and continue to grow each day, and send our respects to our comrades and friends. Furthermore we call on the people of Kurdistan and democratic public opinion to be sensitive to these hunger-strikes which have entered the 27th day, and to become the voice and heart of the political prisoners on hunger-strike.

It must be known that at a time when the Middle East is being reshaped, we will not allow for the Kurdish people to become victims of denial and massacre once again. It is certain that the Kurdish people will counter and retaliate against any attacks targeting its leader, its existence and its values, and strengthen its walk to freedom regardless of any obstacles. The Kurdish people and Freedom Movement have become the fundamental force for change and democratization in the region, and it is definite that with their alternative paradigm, they will be victorious in this historical struggle. Once again we are calling on all patriots to raise the struggle on the anniversary of the International Conspiracy and condemn it in the eyes of the whole world. All Kurdish people must take part in the protests and uprisings in the most effective manner.

Presidency of Executive Council of the KCK  08.10.2012



The Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Turkish State, who started a war on a large scale against our people and freedom movement, commented on issues of Imrali, president Apo and Oslo negotiations in the recent days.

Although these descriptions have changed their tune, in reality they do not have a fresh meaning. A fortiori this is a reflection of AKP Government’s mentality on democratic solution. These descriptions which substantially do not express the truth but contains distortion and manipulation seems to be created as a “new tactical attack”.

First of all, they have made a false statement, far from the reality about the Imrali system based on isolation, oppression and psychological torture. On the other hand, the Turkish press completely inverts the reality and further deepens the style of misinformation the society by distorting the facts. The hints and claims of some press members saying that our movement and the Turkish state are in a dialogue process are not true. Currently a dialogue and meeting between the Turkish State and our movement is absolutely not the case. These kind of news and are totally lies.

The AKP government has imposed war and purge instead of a democratic solution by refusing the important protocols obtained during the negotiations of Imrali and Oslo hold last year. The government has created regional and international concepts in order to purge Kurdish Freedom Movement. Being aware of these politic games President Apo adopted an attitude towards this hypocrisy by a declaration telling that he has withdrawn from the negotiations.

In contrast Erdoğan’s government tried to achieve a result with disgusting methods, has no moral and conscientious bases, applying pressure on the human resistance, at the expense of violating their own law. The conditions of isolation have been aggravated and psychological pressure system has been activated. Additionally with the particular order of Prime Minister all the lawyers of President Apo were arrested and his all connection with the outside world had been cut off.

In the view of this illegal and immoral situation, President Apo announced that he will never bow to pressure and continue to resist. He declared that, he will not accept the family and lawyer visits that started to be meaningless. He asked for some conditions to be completed to restart the negotiations. The conditions in question were like in the frame of Turkish Republic law for the Imrali prison not having any guards during the visits, realizing the arrested lawyers and assuring not to arrest them for their legal duty. However none of these conditions were completed.

It is clear that President Apo is in a great resistance against the ugly methods imposed to human dignity and violence on our people done by AKP government. The resistance of President Apo in Imrali prison is historically valuable and an honorable human attitude. Against the violating human dignity, pressure, violence and torture this stand has been critically important. This is a great example of altruism done for the sake of humanity. All the peace supporters, the ones stand for human dignity and our people should claim this very significant resistance attitude of President Apo and fulfill the requirements of humanitarian task.

In order to shade and hide the great and meaningful resistance developed by the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali prison, the Turkish Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice told lies in person. There is a heavy isolation in the dungeon of Imrali. However there is the resistance and attitude developed by president Apo and other comrades with him, against the inhuman isolation and unlawful and controlled visits of the families and lawyers. The AKP government wants to distort with the manipulations and show it in a false way. This is a kind of manipulation is taken as a base in almost every field. In his remarks the Prime Ministerof Turkey told that the Oslo negotiations leaked by our movement. This is a slander away from the reality.

Moreover, this is a detected situation. As a result of power struggles within the state notoriously exposed some people have leaked the documents. However, the method based distortion of covering the facts is the traditional act of the Turkish Republic about the continuation of telling lies about Kurdish question.

Now in the almost all parts of Kurdistan there is an ongoing conflict and war atmosphere. The information given by the Prime Minister and the announced figures do not reflect reality. In this regard, the communities in Turkey and the general public opinion are not informed correctly, people are misinformed. Obviously, the AKP government pays a great attention on this issue so they need to tell this lie from the mouth of Prime Minister himself.  In Şemdinli – telling with the Prime Minister’s words- guerrillas is not `hidden in their caves`-.  Everything is in place in Şemdinli, there are very intense air strikes and clashes in between the Turkish soldiers and guerrillas but the area is still under the control of our guerrillas. Not only in Şemdinli, in many other parts of the country, “tactics of ruling the area” are being developed successfully.

The AKP government and the Turkish press, especially wants to avert the voice of our Leader to reach the people in a right way and distort his limited words reflecting outside. On the other hand with the wrong information and lies such as so called “ our movement is divided into parts“ are told.  By this way the government carries out manipulation activities and a psychological battle.

The Prime minister does not express the truth about these very well-known matters and clearly telling lies. By saying “The negotiations of Oslo and Imrali can be done again but I won’t meet people from BDP, I cannot stay under the same roof together with BDP politicians” the Prime Minister indicated his real approach about solving the question.

First of all, everyone should note that: The Kurds are united and they are appertained to each other. The Kurdish people and the Kurdish Freedom Movement, with all its legal and illegal institutions, stand in the same axis and accept President Apo as the only respondent for the negotiations. Even though each component of our movement struggles in a different way, we have the stability, experience and resistance that can create a cooperative under all conditions. First of all, the Prime Minister has to give up his strategy, aims separating and shredding the Kurds. In terms of consistency and seriousness, the descriptions of Turkey’s Prime Minister, about starting a new process, need to be discussed.

Removing the immunity and arresting the parliamentarians who represent Kurdish politics, will certainly resize and deepen the war. Despite this fact, saying “I will detain ones who embrace the guerrillas but I may come to a composition with guerrillas.” is not logical.

All this shows that, talking about a mental formation for the solution is not possible. It is evident that this expression is a part of AKP’s well-known classic tactic of distraction of the masses and the public opinion with empty promises. The tactic is sticking Kurds with the expectations without solving the Kurdish problem and expurgating the Freedom Movement by separating and weakening its components.

If the State and the Government of the Turkish Republic decided to solve the Kurdish question which has been the main problem since foundation of the Republic of Turkey, they should clearly put forth their solution project for consideration by taking practical, candid and cogent steps. After that they can ask the Kurds to answerback them in kind. 

First of all, to play a role in the process of solution, President Apo’s health and safety conditions have to be improved and his moving area should be expanded.  Discarding credible and visible steps, to suppose unfolding a new process on the bases of the Prime Minister’s contradictory, eclectic, non-coherent description would be a grave failure. Our movement is in favor of a candid, non-deception, democratic, peaceful and fair solution. We will approach in this context, monitor developments, -especially the practical steps of the government-. According the situation the necessary attitude will be adopted in the required point.

Our esteemed patriotic people and all of the democratic sides in favor of peace are aware of AKP government’s tactics in the past which did not based on any project, only stayed within the framework of mass distraction and psychological warfare. It should be noted that another aim of these kind of expression is to weaken the struggle determination and downgrade the revolutionary movement. In this respect, our people should be sensitive and focus much more on the national struggle. The required altruism and participation should be carried out to access freedom. A style that insures the success of freedom struggle should be predicated on. On this basis, we call all our people to participate to the struggle for freedom and raise the social struggle.

Presidency of Executive Council of the KCK28.09.2012