A Kurdish woman in NASA !

WFW-Hawler / 26.9.2012 – : In spite of the insulting and torturing women, a Kurdish women residing in England named (Zeynab Kurban) achieved being a member of the American NASA.(Zeynab Kurab) is a Kurdish women from northern Kurdistan studying and conducting scientific researches in England in field of storage of hydrogen technology, her PhD was in the same scientific field. She has relocated to England when she was 9 and she was finished her studies in University of London.

(Kuraban)’s research was on storage of hydrogen technology, her experiment was conducted in (Rossford Appleton) where the Oxford university has supported her.

The team have developed a new nano-structuring technique called ‘co-electros pinning’ to produce tiny plastic micro-fibers 30 times smaller than a human hair. These hollow micro-fibres have then been used to encapsulate hydrogen-rich chemicals known as hydrides, in a way that allows the hydrogen to be released at much faster rates and at lower temperatures than was previously possible. The encapsulation also protects the hydrides from oxygen and water, prolonging their life and making it possible to handle them safely in air.This new nano-material contains as much hydrogen for a given weight as the high pressure tanks currently used in prototype hydrogen vehicles, and can also be made in the form of micro beads that can be poured and pumped like a liquid. These properties mean that the beads could be used to fill up tanks in cars and aero planes in a very similar way to current fuels, but crucially without producing the carbon emissions. This technology underpins the new spin-out company Celle Energy Ltd, which is based at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Oxford shire.

UCL doctoral student Zeynep Kurban (pictured), who played a key role in the scientific development while studying for her EngD in Molecular Modeling and Materials Science, said: “This new technology provides solutions to some of the key issues surrounding hydrogen storage systems, bringing us a step closer to commercialization of these materials for clean energy applications.”

The lead A round investor in Cella Energy is Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., a specialist UK chemical company established in 1926. Thomas Swan’s Advanced Materials Division is dedicated to the development of high specification materials for emerging technologies with particular focus on carbon nanomaterials and advanced coatings. Shareholders also include STFC Innovations Ltd, UCL Business PLC and the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford.