750 citizens held hostage by armed gangs in Aleppo

Monday, 26 August 2013hawarnews – EFRÎN – Armed gangs attack village and towns which are located to east and north of Aleppo and majority of the residents are Kurdish. Due to the attacks 200 thousand are forced to leave 117 villages and it is reported that 750 citizens are kept by al Nusra gangs.

Chair of People Assembly of Babê region Receb Xirfan stated that hundreds of people migrated from Til Eran, Til Hesan, Kevesicxîr, Ehrez, Nêrebiyê, Qolsirûc, Til Medîq, Şehba, Qibêsîn, Dodiyan, Cib, Hesen Çeq, Cib El As, Kiramêl and Mihwiş.

‘More than 200 thousand Kurds live in these villages and approximately 100 thousand migrated to Turkey, North and South of Kurdistan. There is a group named “Daiş” linked to al Nusra in Til Eran. That group kidnapped more than 400 Kurds from Til Eran and Til Hasil. They are coordinated by Free Syrian Army and kidnapped 500 citizens in Kefersixîr and Nêrebiyê. They say that they are looking for guns but in fact they aim to threaten people and set in these villages to carry out further attacks’ says Xirfan.