600 Kurdish officers & soldiers to be tried: Dicle Operation Commander

13.6.2013 – Kurdpress – The commander of Dicle Operation Abdulamir Zaidi said more than 600 Kurdish soldiers and officers of Iraqi army’s 16th battalion will be tried for denying to follow military orders.

The army soldiers denied accompanying Iraqi army in an operation against Kurdish forces of Peshmarga in Sulaiman Bag in the northern province of Selahaddin.

The Iraqi army has reportedly cut the payments of the soldiers. Meanwhile Peshmarga Ministry Secretary General Jabbar Yawar told Xendan that the problem popped up after the Iraqi army tried to replace the 16th battalion, mostly of them Kurds, with the 9th battalion, adding that Baghdad has cut the battalion forces’ payments. He further told PUKmedia that no concrete step has been taken to tackle the problem. He, however, stressed his ministry will pay the payments of the forces if the central government denies to do so.