NEWS CENTER (DİHA) – 15 Mar 2015 – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a written statement regarding the discussions on the withdrawal of guerrilla forces from the battle against ISIS in South Kurdistan.

The statement recalled that “With the active support of some regional and international forces, Turkish state in the first place, ISIS fascists perpetrated savage attacks against the existence, freedom and gains of the Kurdish people in Rojava and South Kurdistan, and against the ethnic and faith groups including Yazidi, Assyrian, Syriac and Turkmen peoples.” KCK also reminded that the Kurdish movement unhesitantly sent its guerrilla forces to South Kurdistan to fight against ISIS while the existence and freedom of peoples, faith groups and the Kurdish people was under threat and danger.

Remarking that the self-sacrificing fight and resistance of Kurdistan guerrilla forces together with the peshmerga against the ISIS fascist was regarded by the people as a historic development, KCK said; “However, it was a great unfortunateness that the guerrilla was made, especially by one party, the subject of meaningless debates on their withdrawal from the battle against ISIS while they mounted an unprecedented resistance in all areas and at all fronts in South Kurdistan, including Sinjar, Maxmur, Jalawla and Kirkuk.” KCK said that following an assessment of this situation, they as the Kurdish movement considered it necessary to release a statement on 8 February 2015 to make sure that their real intention be seen and the public opinion decide whether or not they wanted the guerrilla to take place in the battle against ISIS.

The statement underlined that neither the public opinion nor political circles displayed a negative approach for the withdrawal of guerrilla forces from the fight against ISIS in South Kurdistan. “On the contrary, the joint fight of the guerrilla and peshmerga against ISIS was welcomed by the people with excitement and happiness, and seen as a historic new step. The fair reaction and criticism on the subject have revealed already the fact that even the discussion on the withdrawal of guerrilla forces was itself an inadequacy. Not only the guerrilla but also peshmerga and all forces are responsible in the face of attacks targeting the freedom and values of our people, regardless of in which part of Kurdistan. This is, above all things, a national duty.”

‘Guerrilla is the defense force of four parts of Kurdistan”

KCK pointed out that the people, many non-governmental organizations and individuals in South Kurdistan criticized the Kurdish movement on its statement about “considering the withdrawal of guerrilla from the fight against ISIS because of the negative and unfortunate approach of a party”. KCK said that South Kurdistan people, non-governmental organizations and individuals made statements, staged marches and paid visits to the executives of the Kurdish movement, asking them to not to withdraw the guerrilla but the reinforce them, and defending that guerrilla couldn’t remain limited with one part of Kurdistan and was the defense force of all four parts.

“Receiving this approach of the public opinion and political circles favorably, we state that it is the guerrilla’s historic responsibility towards the people to fight in four parts of Kurdistan as long as the danger and threat targeting the existence, freedom and gains of our people remains, and that we are determined to fulfill this honorable duty of ours deservedly”, the statement said. KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency vowed that the guerrilla as the defense force of the Kurdistan people will unhesitantly be there where there they are needed, and continue fulfilling their duties and responsibilities with a self-sacrificing spirit and determination.