500 delegates for Kurdish National Congress

ANF – Hewler/Erbil 28.07.2013 – Although it has been cleared that the Kurdish National Congress in Hewler/Erbil will take place within one month the final date has not been set yet. The organizing committee has been working for the past few weeks to ensure a smooth way to the congress. It is understood that delegates will be over 500 coming from all different parts of Kurdistan as well as the diaspora.

The congress is organized to respond to the call Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan made on March 21, Newroz day. Similar conferences have already been held in Brussels, Amed and Ankara.

The organizing committee has opted for quotas in order to ensure that all sectors of Kurdish society and political organizations are represented. For this reason, 45% of the places will be reserved to political parties, 40% to women, 35% to civil society organizations, 10% to young people, and 10% to independent delegates.