2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress / Science and Culture for Progress in Kurdistan

Saad Palace Convention Center, Erbil, Kurdistan, October 11-15, 2012

Improving the Quality of Life in Kurdistan

This year the 2nd World Kurdish Congress will be organized in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) October 11-15th in Erbil. The goal of the WKC 2012 is targeted and over-arching: to further discuss cutting edge scientific, economic, cultural and health programs that will provide a solid foundation for all future, professional and scientific expansion within Kurdistan.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2nd Scientific World Kurdish Congress (WKC2012) at the Saad Palace Convention Center in Erbil from October 11-15, 2012.

As the Kurdistan Region undergoes significant economic and political shifts, it will be increasingly placed at the centre stage of Middle East affairs—socially, economically and politically. Many countries in the region, such as Turkey which aims to become a member of the European Union, have recognised that in order to move towards strong and sustainable economic growth, progressive societies need to also be democratic societies that recognize minorities’ rights. This equation must include the Kurdish population in the region.

A growing awareness of the importance of health promotion, along with the pressing need to invest in healthy and sustainable public, social, institutional and domestic development infrastructures for its people, is placing Kurdistan in the forefront of Middle East business and development opportunities. At this moment, Kurdistan is poised upon the leading edge of change.

The unique scientific focus of this Congress will offer delegates innovative and stimulating topics during a broad range of plenary sessions. As well, posters of the latest innovations and solutions in many fields will provide a unique opportunity for organizations and delegates to network.

Sessions are to include presentations by physicians as well as psychologists, architects, social planners, sociologists, agronomists, medical professionals, economists and political scientists. Our speakers will bring a wide range of perspectives on how to best serve our people and society with definable evidence and a scientific approach as Kurdistan continues its major developmental phase. The rich selection of conference sessions will highlight the importance and value of interdisciplinary presentations by Kurdish and non-Kurdish scientists from all over the world.

Topics to be addressed at the Congress will include the latest research findings in the field: health and medical science, agriculture,

Nechirvan Barzani – Premier Minister,  – Kurdistan Regional G overnment

Alan Dilani, Chair of Scientific Committee – World Kurdish Congress

Falah M. Bakir, Chair of Organizing Committee – Minister of Foreign Relations (Diaspora)

higher education, economics, politics, human rights, sustainable, healthy development and the infrastructure necessary to support the Kurdistan Regional Government in its mission.

The high quality of scientific research, as well as a fascinating range of case studies and cultural programs, ensures that participants will enjoy a unique, knowledge-enhancing experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Erbil as you greet your country and network with your new and local Kurdish colleagues.

Please join us at the opening ceremonies to celebrate the 2nd Scientific World Kurdish Congress at Saad Palace Convention Center in the beautiful city of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan.

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