2nd Popular Conference of Iraqi Democratic Civil Forces is held in Baghdad

MESOP 9.6.2013 – The 2nd Popular Conference of Iraqi Democratic Civil Forces was held in Baghdad today,8 June 2013. It was attended by more than 500 people, including leading figures and representatives of political parties, professional associations and unions, civil society organizations and activists, academics, intellectuals and social figures.  

The opening speech was delivered by Kamel Madhat, the Coordinator of of the Iraqi Democratic Current on behalf of its Executive Bureau. The Conference then discussed a working paper entitled “The Current Crisis and How to Resolve It”, dealing with the deepening political crisis in the country, its dangerous repercussions and ways of resolving it.

The Conference also discussed the future plans of the democratic civil forces, for containing the crisis and exerting pressure on ruling and influential political forces that are responsible for creating it. 

Participants contributed to the discussions, putting forward concrete proposals about the role of civil democrats, to foil attempts by hostile forces and save the country from the abyss.

The Conference announced the launching of the “National Campaign Against Sectarianism”. Many recommendations were adopted, including the need to press for social security legislations, and resolving internal differences through national dialogue, away from external pressures. The Conference called upon representatives of the civil democratic current in the provincial councils to be more active in defending the legitimate rights of people and to listen well to the voices of demonstrators and protesters all over Iraq. The Conference also declared its support for the foundation of the Iraqi Social Forum.