2013 : PJAK statement in relation with Western Kurdistan sanctions

Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK

MESOP 1.1.2013 – PJAK issued a statement regarding the current situation in the Western Kurdistan (Rojava) and Syria and it criticized the stance of the Kurdish forces. PJAK asserts that the border closure on western Kurdistan is an indecent act. PJAK addressing to the Kurdish nation: “We want our nation in the all four part of Kurdistan, specially Eastern Kurdistan and Europe that do not hesitate their humanitarian aid to the western Kurdistan people.”

The Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) has assessment by issuing a statement the current situation of Western Kurdistan and stipulates that foreign powers are not willing to accept of any the Kurdish nation achievements. “As a Free Life Party of Kurdistan to support of Western Kurdistan revolution, we salute to the western Kurdistan revolution historical struggles and we have announced ourselves moral and material to support of the revolution.”

“The crisis in Syria grows more and struggles of our nation are on the very sensitive stage in Western Kurdistan. Our nation has taken unprecedented struggles to achieve the freedom to their legitimate rights and also they have earned the most valuable and historic achievements in the shadow of this campaign at the beginning of the foreign intervention stages in Syria and the early start of this crisis as well”.

PJAK says: what is clear is that despite the claims by foreign powers to justify their military intervention in Syria for democracy in one hand and conservative regimes in Syria on the other hand, none of the foreign powers are not willing to recognize of the achievements of the Kurdish nation.

On the other hand the Turkish fascist regime hostile attempts had faced our nation to destroy these achievements with the serious obstacles and bottlenecks, but Kurdish nation could preserve its unity and promotion campaigns to respond to any hostile actions, PJAK Coordination said.PJAK also points out that situation which has arisen in the Western Kurdistan is a evolution historical and national achievement not only for that part of Kurdistan, but in all other parts of our nation, so it has played a significant role in finding a solution to the problem. PJAK said: The protection of Western Kurdistan revolution gains is a nation duty and it’s a step towards the liberation of our people and our nation as well.

On continuing of the PJAK statement says: one of the crises which faced by the western Kurdistan are economic crisis, this crisis has been intensified by closing the border South- West Kurdistan gates. No doubt such operation which is performed on behalf of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, chaired by Mr. Mesud Barzani is a wrong function and effort which does not serve the national interest and maintain gains in southern Kurdistan as well.

As a Free Life Party of Kurdistan condemned the closure of the border gates and we call Mr. Barzani to taking a national responsibility. In taking any action to consign our nation In Western Kurdistan by starving them, everyone should know well that not only will success of this policy but will face with national positions and widespread reaction. It is clear to everyone that a barrier to the Kurdish revolution would only serve to the enemies which threaten our nation in future. On the basis we want of Mr. Barzani to open the border gates soon to provide in getting the material and spiritual assistance for Kurdish people in western Kurdistan.

We are asking to all of our citizens in all parts of Kurdistan, specially in East Kurdistan and Europe to participate in the campaign to collect humanitarian aid for the West Kurdistan (Rojava) revolution and protect their future. No doubt all political and civil organizations to play their role in this area via to act in their own national tasks to bring their own material and financial assistance, PJAK stipulated.