18 Kurdish Organizations in Europe Ask for Respect of the Court : KAWA GARMAYANI NOT FORGOTTEN – FINGERS ON PUK !

 Europe, KNNC: 18 Kurdish organizations, lobbies & groups in Europe demand Kalar Primary Court to stop being biased and return Hakm Hussein to monitor the progress of the case of Kawa Garmayani who was assassinated on 5/12/2013. The Kalar Primary Court, under the pressure from PUK’s officials in Garmyan district, decided to transfer Hakm Hussein to the Slemani Province and remove him from investigating Kawa’s murder case. – In statements sent to KNNC, Kurdish organizations based in Europe announce that the transfer of Hakm Hussien from Kalar to Slemani is related to the fact that Hussein issued the arrest of the main suspects .

“Kalar Primary Court must ask for an apology from Hakm Hussein because he has been honest and wanted to protect the rule of law. But unfortunately, PUK officials have shown their disrespect by forcing him to leave his house and go to Slemani Province” the statement reads.

The statement adds that they condemn the release of Mahmood Sangawi because the court was unable to treat the case unilaterally and that Sangawi was not able to prove his innocence. In the Kurdistan region, there is no consideration for the role of the court and people are disappointed.

Speaking exclusively to KNNC, Shireen Amen, Kawa‌’s wife, requests the PUK officials to declare and surrender the main suspect of the case. “The Anfal commemoration is near. I am a remnant of the Anfal campaign, so I ask PUK officials not to come to Kalar and commemorate the tragedy because my husband has been murdered under their authority and how dare they look at Kawa‌’s family members.” she added.

The American consulate promised to protect Kawa when Mahmood Sangawi threatened him. “We, Kawa’s family, will visit the American consulate tomorrow and ask them to be faithful to their own promises and investigate Kawa’s case.” she said. “We will do our best to transfer Kawa’s case abroad.”

Since Kawa’s assassination, several people have been arrested, including Mahmood Sangawai and Adnan Hamai Mina, but they were released. Their release has brought about public outrage and journalists, university students, teachers, and civil society activists have held many rallies and demonstrations across the region expressing their anger and disappointment at the court‌’s decision.

“It is not the first time that they kill journalists writing about corruption in the Kurdish government. We as Kurds living in Europe and America have informed the governments of Europe and the United States and all relevant organizations, such as Amnesty International” the statement reads.

Kawa was the Editor-in-Chief of Garan Travel Magazine for some time until he became the Editor-in-Chief of Rayal (The Network) Magazine and published 14 issues. He wrote for the two prominent independent newspapers in Iraqi Kurdistan: Hawlati (The People) and Awene (The Mirror). He also wrote for other media outlets including Azadi Freedom Radio, various Communist Party Outlets and Chawder Newspaper (The Observer).