Turkey, the Kurds & the Imrali Peace Process: An Historic Opportunity

Brussels, European Parliament, 4th & 5th of December 2013 Room: ASP 1G2

Interpretation available in Turkish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch


Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, South Africa

Dr. Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Iran


Bianca Jagger

Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador

Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, UK

Professor Noam Chomsky

Writer, USA

Yasar Kemal

Writer, Turkey

Vedat Turkali

Writer, Turkey


Leyla Zana

European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought,

Rafto Prize Laureate, Turkey










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– Wednesday 4th of December 2013, from 14h00 until 16h30

– Thursday 5th of December 2013, from 08h30 until 10h30

– Thursday 5th of December 2013, from 14h00 until 16h00


Please note that all participants must take care of their own “EP badge / pass” during both days; if someone lose the “pass / badge” it will be impossible for the conference’s organizers to replace it, according to the E.P. internal rules.

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Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 15.00-16.30

Opening Session, Room ASP 1G2


Opening Remarks and Greetings

  • MEP Ms. Gabi Zimmer

      Chair of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left Group (GUE/NGL) in the

European Parliament, Germany

  • Ms. Kariane Westrheim, PhD

Chair of EUTCC, Associate Professor, University of Bergen, Norway


Opening Speeches:

  • MP Ms. Leyla Zana

Member of the Turkish Parliament, European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Rafto Prize Laureate, Turkey

  • MEP Mr. Jürgen Klute

Coordinator of the EP-Kurds Friendship Group, GUE/NGL Group, Germany

  • Me Antoine Comte

Lawyer, France


Video messages of Conference’s Patrons

  • Video trailer of previous nine conferences
  • Professor Noam Chomsky, Writer, the USA
  • Mr. Yasar Kemal, Writer, Turkey




Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 16.30-18.30

Panel I, Room ASP 1G2


Reforming the State and Reconciling Society:

Constitutional, political and social reforms in Turkey



MEP Mr. Iñaki Irazabalbeitia Fernández, Greens-EFA Group




  • MP Ms. Gulten Kisanak, co-Chair, BDP, Turkey
  • MP AKP, Turkey(to be confirmed)
  • MP Mr. Sezgin Tanrıkulu, CHP MP for Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ms. Emma Sinclair-Webb, Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch
  • Mr. Hüseyin Yayman, Academic, Member of Wise People Commission, Turkey
  • Mr. Dogu Ergil, Academic, Member of the Wise people Commission, Turkey
  • Mr. Hasan Cemal, Journalist, Turkey
  • Mr. Hugh Pope, International Crisis Group

Questions and discussion with moderators & discussants

Thursday, 5th December 2013, 09.30-13.00

Panel II, Room ASP 1G2


Peace-building Initiatives and Imrali Peace Process:

The role of the international community and the EU in promoting

justice and democracy in Turkey



MEP Mr. Søren Bo Søndergaard, GUE/NGL Group, Denmark




  • MP Mr. Ahmet Türk, co-Chair of the DTK, Turkey
  • Professor David L. Phillips, Director, Program on Peace-building and Rights, Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights, United States of America
  • Dr. Günter Seufert, German Institute for International and Security Affairs – SWP, Germany
  • MEP Ms. Marie-Christine Vergiat, GUE/NGL Group, France
  • MEPS (to be confirmed)


Questions and discussion with moderators & discussants




Thursday, 5th December 2013, 15.00-17.30

Panel III, Room ASP 1G2


The Kurdish Democratic Project:

Strategies and policies to bring peace to the Middle East



Professor Michael Gunter, EUTCC, United States of America



  • Mr. Jonathan Spyer,  Middle East analyst, Israel
  • Mr. Joost Jongerden, Academic, The Netherlands
  • Mr. Mala Bakhtiyar, Chief of Executive Body of Political Bureau, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan – PUK, Kurdistan
  • Ms. Amberin Zaman, Turkey Correspondent of the Economist, Turkey
  • Mr. Zübeyir Aydar, Member of the Executive Board of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)
  • Mr. Saleh Muslim, Co-President of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Syria

Questions and discussion with moderators & discussants

Thursday, 5th December 2013, 17.30-18.30

Panel IV, Room ASP 1G2


Conclusions, Recommendations and Final Remarks


by EUTCC Board Members