10 May, Latest News on Arrested Journalists in Turkey

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) pursues its international campaign to Set Free Journalists in Turkey.

Please find below the latest  news on the matter: the last week has been eventful in Turkey with the clashes on May day, the many activities focusing on Turkey on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on 3 May as well as the latest developments in the KCK and Ergenekon cases.

·         10 May 2013 – EFJ urges authorities to free journalists in Ergenekon court hearing

·         7 May 2013 – Police violence against journalists covering dispersal of protesters, Reuters

·         6 May 2013 – Picture gallery of Kite Flying for World Press Freedom Day in Turkey, EFJ website

·         3 May 2013 – BBC Turkey report for World Press Freedom Day

·         3 May 2013 – Report on World Press Freedom Day event about Turkey, Francis Sedgemore, NUJ

·         26 April 2013 – Zeynep Kuray and Sadık Topaloğlu released from jail pending trial (APSC PR in Galician)

·         26 April 2013 – Press conference at AJP on KCK hearing, EFJ website (French here)

·         22 April 2013 – KCK press case observer reports from Istanbul (in German), Joachim Legatis, dju in ver.di website

·         22 April 2013 – Suspects deliver final defense testimonies in Ergenekon trial, Nuri Imre, Göksel Genc, Today’s Zaman

Upcoming events

17-19 June in Istanbul: next hearing in the KCK press case

13 June in Istanbul: next hearing in OdaTV trial

6 June in Istanbul: Arzu Demnir trial at the KCK case

4 June: next hearing in the MLKP case

For more information and earlier postings, please follow this link to the European Federation of Journalists’ Set Journalist Free in Turkey campaign.


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