President’s son Mansur Barzani loses $3.2 million in a casino

KURDISTAN TRIBUNE 14.5.2012 – President Masud’s Barzani’s recent visit to Dubai was cut short because his son Mansur had lost $3,200,000 in a Dubai casino. This news has been exploited by Barzani’s enemies and is now all over the Iraqi press.

It is very important for the president of Kurdistan to issue a statement about this situation and explain to the people what happened. Many believe that Masud Barzani is himself a decent man who has been let down by members of his family. We all know that the Barzani tribe controls key businesses in the Kurdistan region such as telecommunications and housing. The KDP leadership needs to explain how Mansur Barzani managed to get hold of so much money. This story was first covered by the Middle East business press and looks decidedly authentic. Previously, KT has published evidence on how another son of the president, Masrour Barzani, secretly purchased a $10 million mansion in Virginia.

The president’s office needs to elaborate on how the Barzani family can live in such luxury while the rest of Kurdistan suffers because of them. Otherwise, how can the people of Kurdistan trust their president on crucial issues such as Article 140, oil and gas, and an independent Kurdish state?

If the $3,200,000 is public money, this is not the first time the family has stolen the wealth of this nation.