YPG Takes Over A’louk? / WATCH MAPS & PICTURES

YPG claims that they control the Arabic village of A’louk (علوك)that was taken over by JN/Ahrar/ISIS before in order to cut off Ras al-Ain. “7km east of Serekaniye on the road to Dirbesiye.”

T.C.K. bedir mustafa @TCK19 تمتحريرقريةعلوكشرقيسريكاني ALOKE IS FREE NOW JAN OUT @TwitKurds#TwitterKurds#SyriaCrisis#Syriapic.twitter.com/XUx69PXmwf

9:35 AM – 18 Sep 2013

T.C.K. bedir mustafa @TCK19 – map make clear the way of Nusra to east side of SERY KANYI 10 of YPG injured yestday @vvanwilgenburg#TwitterKurdspic.twitter.com/cdlidoMTwe