YPG Refuses Withdrawal from Afrin Under Any Circumstances (SYRIA)


MESOP / REUTERS – 13 March 2018 – The Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) made it clear on Sunday that it will not abandon Afrin in exchange for an end to the Turkish assaults.Speaking to Sputnik, YPG commander Nouri Mahmoud said they are the indigenous people of Afrin and they will not withdraw from the region to be taken over by “Daesh [Islamic State] and al-Qaeda terrorist groups”.

“We refuse the proposal of withdrawing from Afrin,” he stated.

The remarks come after the Democratic Vanguard Party said it had suggested the withdrawal of the YPG in hopes of persuading Turkey to pull back its army to the border and establish a local civil council to govern Afrin.

Ahmed Slulayman, a leading member of the party said the catastrophe in Afrin is now endangering the lives of over one million people, and an immediate action is needed to save them.

However, the YPG commander said the Democratic Vanguard Party is living under the protection of YPG, and that it is not clear whether it will be able to mediate between the YPG and Turkey. More via www.mesop.de