Yazidi Militia Group Kills 24 IS Militants Near Sinjar

17.08.2014 – Shawan Barzinji – BasNews, Erbil – A Yazidi Militia group has clashed with Islamic State (IS) Militants near Sinjar in Northern Iraq and has killed 24 Jihadi militants.  

Khudida Kicho, a member of the Yazidi Militia Group, said in a press conference in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan that Yazidi gunmen have attacked IS insurgents near Sinjar resulting in the deaths of scores of extremist insurgents. “In the Kahbel area near Sinjar our fighters were able to attack IS Militants and kill 24 of them,” said Kicho. He said that alongside the deaths they have destroyed three Humvees that were left in the area by IS insurgents. “In the clashes three of our fighters were killed as well, but we will continue to fight terrorists until the end,” added Kicho. The Yazidi Militia Group was formed after IS militants captured Sinjar earlier this month. Their initial aim was to protect Yazidi refugees on Sinjar mountain.