WOMENS RIGHTS : Red Honor Group Initiates Activity

FLASHES – 16.8.2012 WFW / MESOP –Sulaimania, Kurdistan –  A group of women rights activists named themselves “Red Honor Group” has begin its first activity in front of the Sulaimania Palace Hotel by distribute 3000 posters over the drivers as a sign to condemn the violence against women. The group has formed after the killing of Nigar Rahim, age 16, on July 20, 2012. At the beginning, they announced themselves at the social media networks.

The activity has start under the motor of “Women honor not associated to anybody, the ownership has to belong to women themselves. They delivered their message by handing over the 3000 posters in down town. Rega Rauf, one of the members of the group said to WFW that this is the first activity and we will be carried on the other activities.She also stressed on the remarkable role been played by WFW and also call for all other media outlets to pay more attention for women issues.