8.12.2013 –  MESOP & BASNEWS – According to new information obtained by BasNews, Iraqi president Jalal Talabani has been moved from his Reha Clinic in Berlin to a different location in the German capital.

A source from Reha Clinic told BasNews: “Talabani has been secretly moved somewhere else and when we ask about him, nobody knew where he had been moved to.”

Talabani’s nine guards have also left their most expansive exclusive ADLON hotel in Berlin  “Talabani has been moved to Kurdistan,” said the source from the hospital, talking to BasNews on condition of anonymity. Last week two private planes landed in Suliaymania, and while some media outlets suggested they were carrying Russian goods, a number of sources pointed out that they were likely to be flying Talabani home. The secretary of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan  (PUK) office had previously said that “the return of the president will ultimately prove all of the media’s misleading propaganda.”