WESTKURDISTAN : Sayda cannot decide for us, PKK says

KURDPRESS 9.8.2012 – Qandil Mountains, Kurdistan Region- Returning remarks by the Syrian National Council (SNC) Kurdish leader, Abdul Baset Sayda, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) said the Syrian official “is not allowed to decide for us”. “No one is permitted to comment on PKK and its actions but the Syrian Kurds, if we enter into the Kurdistan Region of the country,” a member of People’s Defense Forces (HPG), a PKK military offshoot, told Hawlati daily on Tuesday.

“PKK is the Kurds’ armed force, not the Arabs nor the Turks and Sayda has no right to decide for us,” Zhiyan Ali was quoted by the daily as saying, adding that his party will cooperate with the Syrian Kurds in the wake of any request from the Kurdish people of the country.

Denying reports that Democratic Union Party (PYD) is a PKK- affiliated party Ali said the party is close to us but is not a part of PKK and is following its own political ends.

A PYD senior official, Ardal Khalil, had earlier denied Sayda speech about PKK and said SNC chief’s “comments are about PKK not PYD.” Interviewing Hawlati, Sayda criticized “PKK actions in Syria” and said the party should not raise its flags in Syria. Worried over the existence of PKK and its actions in Syria, Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmat Davutoglu visited Kurdistan Region on Thursday and voiced his country’s concerns over PKK during a meeting with Kurdistan Region’s President Massoud Barzani who brokered agreement between Kurdish parties of Syria.