WEST KURDISTAN /SYRIA – YPJ Commander: We Are Resisting At The Cost Of Our Lives

MESOP : The Parties Must Leave Their Political Differences Aside – Good idea for the future from both sides !

Meysa Ebdo – the Kobanê commander of the of the Yekineyên Parastina Jin (YPJ), or Women’s Defense Units, a local defense force formed from thousands of women in Rojava – joined the ROJAVA program by telephone yesterday evening on Med Nuçe TV, where she spoke about the situation in Rojava and the most recent fighting with ISIS, according to a  report from ANF and carried by Özgür Gündem . Ebdo said that the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) wants to advance their objectives through the massacre of civilian populations and the world was just watching. She also called on different powers in Kurdistan to “lay down their differences for the moment and defend Kurdistan” and called on the youth of Kurdistan to “contribute to the resistance in Kobanê” which she said would “bring down the borders.”

Ebdo told the presenters that although those taking part in the resistance had not had time to watch television or follow the press since the beginning of the most recent ISIS offensive on July 2nd, they thanked everyone who had taken ownership of and responsibility for the resistance. Ebdo stressed that ISIS gangs were attacking civilian populations in Kobanê, saying “today ISIS wants to carry out a massacre against the hundreds of thousands of civilians living in the region of Kobanê. We are resisting against this. And the world remains silent. Those organizations which call them Human Rights organizations are remaining silent. This shows that ISIS is not only working in its own name. ISIS is being used as a weapon to compel the surrender of the Kurds.”

Whatever Happens These Gangs Will Not Break Through

Ebdo confirmed that attacks were continuing on three sides of Kobanê, saying “scores of our female and male comrades have become martyrs while resisting heroically against these attacks. Right now thousands of our fighters are making history in this fighting. We have evacuated the villages under immediate attack. Everyone who can carry a weapon is fighting against these gangs to defend their own homes and lands. Let everyone know this: we will never allow these gangs to get through. Whoever is behind then, whatever weapons they employ – let them use them- we will not take one step backward. No one can push back those Kurdish women and men who have risen up with a consciousness of freedom. I want everyone to know this.”

The Parties Must Leave Their Political Differences Aside

Meysa Ebdo stressed that the attacks on Kobanê were not only targeted this city and its residents, but that it was an attack “on the will of the Kurds, and in fact everyone who calls themselves a human being.” She also addressed all the powers in Kurdistan, saying “today we want all of our parties and organizations, irrespective of party or political persuasion, to know that these attacks are directed against them. Kurdistan is being targeted in the form of Kobanê. We are calling upon all of our parties to lay aside their differences for the time being and to defend Kobanê and Kurdistan.”

Mesya Ebdo also saluted the protests in support of Kobanê in Northern Kurdistan and renewed the call for mobilization.

A Call To The Youth Of The North

Ebdo concluded with a call to the youth of North Kurdistan, saying that the “Kobanê resistance would bring down the borders. The border between Rojava and the North will come down. All the youth of the North should throw their weight behind our resistance and come to Kobanê. Let everyone know: we are resisting against groups committing inhumane attacks and we will win. We are giving our lives so that our people might live freer and that our flag might fly freely in the sky. Today a people is resisting for a free future. Everyone needs to support those who take part in this resistance. Our people living abroad need to carry out a diplomacy of resistance and heroism.”