Weapons sent to Shiite militias in Kirkuk


21.07.2014 – Nuwar Faqie – BasNews, Kirkuk – According to a source in Kurdish security who asked to remain anonymous, Iranian soldiers and commanders from Sulaimaniyah entered Daquq, in Kirkuk province, in civilians clothing claiming to protect Shiite religious places. The source told BasNews that after the arrival of the Iranian soldiers and commanders in Daquq, the city has been unstable. The source also stated that these forces are in contact with the Shiite militias in Kirkuk province.  

“The increase of Shia militias is a threat for Kirkuk. Kurdish security and political parties in Kirkuk need to focus on their Kurdish national activities rather than posts and positions,” said political analyst Hami Askandari in Kirkuk to BasNews. Regarding the Kurdish political parties in Kirkuk, Askandari pointed out that “Kurdish leaders must put a limit on Shiite operation in Kirkuk, but this seems to be challenging because the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is the majority in the province and the Shiite militias have been settled there because of Iran’s orders. PUK is the main ally of Iran and Iraq.” “If no serious attempts are taken to hinder Shiite militias in the province, the situation will deteriorate and the PUK will face many issues,” added Askandari.