WATCH : Syria Live Coverage – Aleppo Airport Is Briefly Closed

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 6:33 | Scott Lucas in EA Live, EA Middle East and Turkey, Middle East and Iran

1025 GMT: Syria. An image of the destruction in the neighbourhood where the battle for Aleppo began last July:

    Abdulwahab SayedOmar @freeCritic2000

    I just returned from #SalahEddin district of #Aleppo. Place is a warzone & almost completely destroyed & empty –    1 Jan 13  0630 GMT: Syria. Amid fighting in the area and threats to civilian aircraft, Aleppo International Airport was briefly closed on Tuesday.

Syria’s national airline had begun to cancel flights on Sunday. Yesterday an airport official said, “There have been continued attempts by opposition militants to target civilian aircraft, which could cause a humanitarian disaster.” The Free Syrian Army issued a warning that it would strike the airport.

Four flights scheduled for today — to and from Damascus and Moscow — are shown on schedule at this point. The Local Coordination Committees reports 136 people killed on Tuesday, including 44 in Hama Province and 42 in Damascus and its suburbs.