Warten auf die Hinrichtung / Thomas von der Osten-Sacken (Letter by Moradi Brothers)


Unter Herrn Rohani, dem viel gelobten angeblichen Reformer, wird im Iran so viel hingerichtet wie seit langem nicht mehr. Über 70 Exekutionen fanden alleine im Januar diesen Jahres statt. Und erst kuerzlich wure der Dichter Hashem Shaabani gehaengt. Sein Verbrechen? Er habe “Krieg gegen Gott geführt”.

Auch die Brueder Logman und Zaniar Moradi koennen jeden Moment hingerichtet werden. Hier ein Brief von ihnen aus dem Todestrakt :

Dearest Friends at the International Committee Against Execution,

We heard that you are holding a conference against executions in Cologne, Germany. We are Zaniar and Loghman Moradi, in Rejai Shahr Prison in the city of Karaj. We would like to thank you for your work and let you know that your work brings those of us awaiting our execution much hope and the warmest feelings.

Please hurry. Just envision for a moment what it is like for those of us who are waiting to be executed here at any time, without notice. We are asking you out of desperate despair. I go numb as I imagine the scene on the day they finally come … I wait for the sound of the heavy boots of my executioner; he is outside my cell… I see his stare…. he walks us slowly to the gallows, step by step… no expression on his face… he puts the rope around our necks … and then… I cannot to think of what comes after that, my mind freezes.

Awaiting execution is torment.

Please investigate the increased rate of executions in Iran. I do not want to die so young. It might be too late for us tomorrow. Life is not something that can be returned after it has been taken… is it bad that we really want to live?