US$38 Billion invested in Kurdistan Region

04.02.2014 – Sirwan Khoshnaw – BasNews, Erbil – A Kurdistan Investment Board report reveals that approximately $38 billion have been invested in the Kurdistan Region between 2006 and 2013.

The report shows that most of the investment has taken place in Erbil with 52% of all projects taking place in the Kurdish capital. The remaining 31% of them were in Suleimaniyah, 12% in Duhok and 5% in the Germian region. According to the report, more than $5 billion have been invested in 46 projects run by foreign companies and corporations. National investment is almost $28 billion, while $4 billion were invested by cooperating foreign and national companies. The report also states that out of a total of 644 licensed projects, 158 of them have been finished with an investment of $3 billion.