US warns Israel & Turkey over backing Iraqi Kurds’ independence


The US has warned Israel and Turkey not to support the Iraqi Kurds’ independence from the state, a Turkish official said on the condition of anonymity. According to daily Beast website the official said:”Obama government knows that a day is to be set for Kurdistan Region’s independence and has put pressure on Turkey and Israel in the past 24 hours to refrain from supporting Kurdistan Region’s independence.”

It is worth mentioning that Tel Aviv officials including PM, FM and president have pointed to Iraq’s division and have stated their support to the region’s independence. Meanwhile Turkey ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Deputy Leader Huseyin Celik said his country backs Iraq’s unity but it is not against Kurdistan Region’s independence. Meanwhile US Department of State Spokesman Jen Psaki said yesterday that her country is against Iraq’s division and Kurdistan Region’s independence. Speaking with BBC on Monday, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said independence is the region’s main goal and there will be a referendum in this regard in months.