US Ensured Safety of Russian Bombers – Flying From Iran to Syria – Pentagon


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US forces ensured the safety of Russian bombers en route to Syria from an Iranian airbase as the aircraft traversed areas controlled by the US-led coalition, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson Col. Christopher Garver said during a press briefing on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that it had deployed Tu-22M3 bombers and Su-34 strike fighters in Iran and these aircraft have already been used to carried out airstrikes against Daesh in Syria.

“[Russia] activated [the Safety of Flight Memorandum of Understanding] system, as we have in the past, they informed us as they were coming through, and we ensured safety of flight as those bombers passed through the area and toward their target, and then when they passed out again,” Garver told reporters.

Russian Air Forces to ‘Minimize Risks’ of Syrian Operation by Using Iran Airbase

Russian airstrikes in Syria initiated from an airbase in Iran have had no impact on operations of the US-led coalition against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, he said.

“They [Russia’s actions] did not impact coalition operations in either Iraq or Syria during that time,” Garver told reporters. The United States signed the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Russia on flight safety during combat missions over Syria in October 2015. The spokesperson noted that under the MOU, the coalition has received information about the planned Russian flights in Syria from an airbase in Iran ahead of time.